Thursday, 17 June 2010

FASHION: World Cup Legends For Louis Vuitton

Have a look at Louis Vuitton's new instalment of their 'Journeys' ad campaign featuring Zidane, Pele & Maradona.

Available online at Louis Vuitton as a micro site, the campaign was shot was by rewnowned photographer Anne Leibovitz and features the three casually playing a game of football.

With the World Cup now in full effect it seems that every company under the sun suddenly embraced the 'beautiful' game.

We've seen England football themed Mars Bars, somebody is now rich beyond his dreams selling Vuvuzela's and of course you can expect your awful supermarket ads plastered all over the TV too.

The beautiful game? Or the Money World Cup...

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  1. I LOVE this advert!! They all look so wonderful in the top pic where they are playing with that football game.


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