Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sugarbabes Throwing Up The ROC???

Word has it that the gorgeous Sugarbabes have inked a US deal with Jay-Z's Rocafella Records!
It's been reported that the deal was done some time last month and although the girls will still be signed to their Island Records deal in the UK they will be heading of to the land of the stars & stripes to work with a new team who will help launch the Sugarbabe brand Stateside.
I personally think this is a really positive move for the girls as there isn't really any groups like them in America and they will definitely stand out in a very large market. Unlike some groups all three ladies sound good live and will bring a very Europeon style and petite beauty to an audience who may not already know about them.
Everybody at The Social Writers wish the girls all the best in their new venture!
Images via bluntedsoul.blogspot.com and http://www.napradio.hu/ respectively.

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