Monday, 7 June 2010

NEWS: MOBO 2010 To be Held In Liverpool

SW just got the word that this years Music of Black Origin Awards, aptly known as the MOBO's will be held in ahem, Liverpool.

MOBO ambassador Leona Lewis joined the founder Kanya King this morning to announce that for the second year running, the awards will be held outside of London.

Last year, the ceremony was held in Glasgow to the dismay of many who couldn't understand why it was taken out of its natural home of London.

Seems like industry folk will be given more fuel to debate over the MOBOs all over again as eyebrows will be raised over the credibility of the show. as many stateside acts choose not to attend, despite winning awards.

A case of devolution to promote, ahem, music of black origin in areas other than London, or is it just a case of its too damn expensive to hold the show in London?

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