Saturday, 28 February 2009

Puppy Love.....Back On Again?

I just can't keep up with these two young lovers!

Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

The pair have reunited almost three weeks after Brown, 19, allegedly battered the "Umbrella" singer on Feb. 8, a source tells PEOPLE.

"They're together again. They care for each other," says the source. The on-again couple are currently spending time together at one of Sean "Diddy" Combs's homes, on Miami Beach's Star Island.

Adds the source: "While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves."

In its latest issue, PEOPLE reports that Brown called Rihanna on her 21st birthday one week ago. "He called to wish her happy birthday," a source told the magazine. "They've reached out to each other. It's been mutual."

Brown was booked by LAPD for making criminal threats but the case has not yet been presented to the District Attorney, who will ultimately determine which charges, if any, will be prosecuted.

No wonder why Rihanna has not pressed charges against Chris yet! This is just typical behaviour of a spouse subjected to domestic violence. Will the cycle ever end?

Image by Lester Cohen via WireImage

Friday, 27 February 2009

R.I.P. Kaya Bousquet

A year ago today the world lost a very special person. Kaya Bousquet, 23, was one of the UK's most talented and hardworking entrepreneurs.

Through her modelling, acting, presenting and promotion work as 'The Queen Of Clubs' Kaya raised the profile of the UK urban scene and also opened many doors for British models of colour with her company, UK Stunners.

Kaya touched the hearts of all those she came in to contact with and served as an inspiration for female business women the world over.

A year after her passing Kaya is still missed by all those who were fortunate enough to have known her.

R.I.P. Kaya Bousquet x

Our thoughts and deepest condolences also go out to the families of Patience Jackson & Danielle Campbell.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

NEW FLAVA: Jamie Foxx

'Blame It' ft T-Pain is Mr Foxx's third single from the album Intuition, (J Records)

Directed by Hype Williams, the video definitely does the song justice! Check out all the cameos, including one from Ron Howard!!

The video premiered on none other than BET's 106 & Park

What do you blame on the "a-a-a-a-a-alcohol" ??

Hip hop beefs go animated

Fiddy really got everybody over there at working. Have a look at the series of cartoons Fiddy has put out taking shots at Ricky Ross.

Locked Up

How Officer Ricky Got Signed

Officer Ricky: Everybody Hates Chris

Officer Ricky: Welcome To Death Row Right Now Na Na Na

Its not looking good for Ricky Ross. Officer Ricky !

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

First All Black Eastenders Episode

For the first time ever in the whole of the 23 years that our beloved Eastenders has been running, last night's episode was the first (and probably only time) that it had an all black cast.

Now why would the BBC do this all of a sudden? Search me!

The episode focuses on your Trinidadian grandad, Patrick Trueman, reminiscing on coming to Great Britain and the Notting Hill Riots of 1958 that he was involved in. It turns out old Patrick has some skeletons in the closet; he was arrested back in the 1950's for attacking a white person, and he doesn't want the Foxes to find out. That devious pastor/preacher Lucas finds out Patricks secret and the pair make a deal; Lucas wont tell the Foxes about Patricks secret and Patrick wont tell Denise about Lucas' rendevouz's with his wife.

If only secrets were that easy to keep in soapland!

Friday, 20 February 2009

NEW FLAVA: The Ting Tings ft. Papoose


I came across this interesting UK/USA collabo and it works really well!

What do you think???

Ting Tings ft. Papoose- That's Not My Name Remix-


Images via &


The good doctor is back!!!

This song started circulating on the net yesterday and is 'supposedly' going to be featured on the highly anticipated 'Detox' album.

The track features the self proclaimed 'King of the South' T.I. and the 'God Son' Nas (I also think it's LL Cool J on the chorus).

I have a feeling there will be a re-worked version of this track in the next few days which we will also bring to you!

Until then... Enjoy!

I Bruise Easily...

Poor girl RiRi.....

Not only is it her 21st birthday today...but official police images of her battered/bruised face were sent to TMZ and has now caused an Internet frenzy. The LAPD are launching an internal investigation as to how this picture was leaked.

Her face is so swollen I can feel her much so that I'm not going to post the picture, but you can see it here

Your boy Chris Brown certainly took RiRi down....literally! The image of her battered face will definitely help people to take sides even more now.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

NEW FLAVA: Lil Wayne presents... Young Money

If you don't know about Lil Wayne by now where have you been???

If you don't know about Young Money then let your good friends at Social Writers school you a little bit!

Every Girl is the first single from their as yet untitled collective album and it is CRAZY!!! As well as Lil Wayne the track features- Drake, Jae Millz, Mack Maine & Gudda Gudda.

A video has also been shot for this joint which we will bring to you ASAP!

A little present for you....

Image via

Are You Going To Buy....

When you hear the name Kevin Hart you may think of the guy who played a petty crook in Paper Soldiers, or the dude who gets sucked in to the aeroplane toilet in Soul Plane!

Well for those of you that didn't know he is also a stand-up comedian and a damn good one too!

This month he releases his first offcial stand up DVD titled 'I'M A GROWN LITTLE MAN'. The DVD is a rollercoaser ride of tales about disciplining his daughter, relationships, dealing with the police and him basically... Being a grown little man!

Although there is no official UK release date you can find it on online!

Check out the clip below for a little taster...


Image via

BRITs - Just A Little Run Down

Yes it's that time of year again.....

Hosted by the pint-sized Kylie Minogue, Mathew Horne and James Gordon (the Gavin & Stacy guys),the show was 'boring-hell' (as expected) except for two performances: the unsual but great Brit mish-mash performance by Estelle and The Tings Tings who performed Shut Up and Let Me Go, American Boy and That's Not My Name, and the hot Girls Aloud who performed the smash hit, The Promise. The Girls also won a BRIT for 'Best Single' for the track.

Female of the night, Duffy, took home three BRIT awards: 'Best UK Female', (I would've prefered if it went to Estelle, Adele or M.I.A), 'Best Breakthrough Act' and 'Best Album' for Rockferry (Polydor). She gave a performance of Warick Avenue which obviously sounded smurf-like...

Your boy Mr West won 'Best International Male' and gave the best speech of the night:
"Barrack is the 'Best Interracial Male' but I'm proud to be the Best International Male in the world. That means every nation right? So if you go to a club and you’re a girl and you see me…you gotta have the best?!" Classic!

You think the Pet Shop Boys could cram enough songs in that medley of theirs?!! There was no point of Lady Gaga performing with them...she was only on stage for like 60 seconds out of their nearly ten minute performance.

Now for the fashion side of the awards....

Girls Aloud...WOW WOW!! Loved their gold glitter sequined outfits....hotness! Ohhh and their dresses were just gorgeous...the pink was doing it for them!

I liked Katy Perry's Hello Kitty outfit!

Our favourite girl Estelle, a.k.a Stellar Stelly, was giving us some Grace Jones flavour with her make up, loved the outfit and the shoes were fierce!!

Was it just me or was Chris Martin flat on his infamous high notes? Not even to mention the band were wearing the same outfits as they did at the Grammys....eurgh! SNM

For the full run down of winners, click here

Images via Getty Images

Brand New Boots On!!

The Simmons sisters are up to their old shenanigan's, this time in the style of their unique 2009 new edition Pastry Boots. The girls put on a fashion show with Seventeen Magazine in Vegas this week, with boots that could only be described as "hmmm interesting". Not to my liking, but I guess it's each man to their own.

Image seen on


The video for T.I's fourth main single, Dead and Gone, taken from the platinum album, Paper Trail (Grand Hustle/Atlantic), is here....

It amazes me how fast videos are created and pushed out into the media....the video was only shot during Grammy week.



The self proclaimed "Louis Vuitton Don" or as he now prefers to be adressed, wait for it..... "Martin Louis the King Jnr", has just released the latest video from his platinum selling album 808s & Heatbreak.

With Kid Cudi on the hook "Welcome to Heartbreak" promises to be a hit. Let us know what you think.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

New Kid On The Block: Drake

Wassup people in Blog land! Thank you for welcoming me in to your home, BlackBerry, iPhone, Wap enabled mobile etc...

I'm gonna jump right in to it and bring you a lil' welcoming present...

Rapper/Singer/Actor Aubrey 'Drake' Graham is often billed as 'The new Fresh Prince'. Drake's music is a mixture of witty wordplay and heavily laced metaphorical rhymes about females, swagger, money, fashion & partying!

After releasing three mixtapes, (Room For Improvement, Comeback Season & 2009's So Far Gone), Drake also featured on various bootleg mixtape remixes and worked with Trey Songz and more regularly a well known Dwayne 'Lil Wayne' Carter. As Drake became hot property, Major labels lined up to acquire his services, but he opted to run with the music giant that is Interscope Records. (He is also an affiliate of Weezy's Young Money Entertainment to which it was rumoured he had actually signed to???).

With his ability to hold it down with some of the Hip-Hop world's elite with impeccable style ('Man Of The Year') and also smooth it out for the ladies ('Brand New') Drake definitely has a bright future ahead if him!

The fact that the hottest Martian on earth is backing him as well definitely won't hurt either!


Also check out the MySpace

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Monday, 16 February 2009

New Kid On The Block: XO Man

Hailing from South-West London, this 6ft 10 gentle giant is not your average rapper. Get a glass of Hip-Hop, add a splash of Grime, a sprinkle of Indie, and a teaspoon of reggae and you’ll get a refreshing beverage of sounds by XO Man. You may have recently seen him on MTV's Hugo Urban Rules where he was crowned the winner by the Sugababes.

XO Man is not exactly a 'new kid on the block' as he's been performing on the live circuit for just over two years, but as he's been brought to the mainstream via our TV screens, I shall call him 'a new kid on the block'.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing him (again) for Click here for the interview and to find out more about XO Man

Catch XO Man performing live @ SOULcial 22nd Feb @ Vibe Bar,Brick Lane

Michelle Obama graces the front cover of "Vogue"

Just as the world continues to basque in the Obama ambiance, Michelle Obama does the incredible by gracing the March 2009 issue of Vogue Magazine, proving that the whole 'Obamarama' craze still has a lengthy life span and we aint mad at that!
The 45 year old First Lady and Mother of two personifies elegance in a sleeveless Magenta dress designed by Jason Wu, the same designer she wore to the Inaugural ball. Photographed by the famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, Mrs Obama effortlessly demonstrates that you can be a woman of substance and still own a fierce wardrobe....what more could a woman ask for?

Saturday, 14 February 2009



Yes the official video for 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' by K.I.G has finally arrived!!

Look out for all the cameos!

I'm interested to know who prefers the original 'street' video and song, compared to this shiny new video?

Let me know your thoughts!

Social Writers Are Loving...

'Social Writers Are Loving....' is a part of the blog where we tell you what we love, whether it's old or new.

Seeing as it's the day of LOVE, and we all collectively LOVE music, we are sharing with you our favourite LOVE/make-out songs of all time, plus some New Flava LOVE songs you need to look out for!

R.E.A -The word-savvy, sports loving, smooth operator of the Social Writers

  • Maxwell, 'A Woman's Worth' - "This song works wonders. Enough said!"

  • R. Kelly - 'The Greatest Sex' - "The Pied Piper worked a miracle on this track, play this on V day, it's a must.

  • Jagged Edge, 'Moaning' - "Reminds me of old JE material....they have some great love songs." *New Flava *

K.C.B - The PR-loving, social butterfly of Social Writers

  • Al Green, 'Let's Stay Together' - "It's such a beautiful song...makes me smile like Al Green did."

  • Alicia Keys, 'If I Aint Got You' - "The lyrics say it all."

  • Ciara, 'Explode' - "This track is so's a joke! It's orgasmic I tell you! Great for intimacy!" *New Flava*

R.V.B - The cultural 'sound-clash' lover of Social Writers

  • Smokey Robinson, 'Let's Cruise' - "A favourite. So mellow, so silky."

  • Lauryn Hill ft D'Angelo, 'Nothing Even Matters' - " Two great singers of Neo-Soul come together to create some great chemistry. 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill'...what an album!

  • Algebra Blesset, 'I Think I Love You' - "The track speaks for itself." *New Flava*

Friday, 13 February 2009

Valentine's Day.....'Tis The Day To Spread Love today is Valentine's Day.....and in society it's just a Hallmark day and a way for people to spend money. We believe that you should show your loved one(s) love all the time, not just once a year because your calendar says so.

If you are lucky enough to be with your significant other today, here's our tips to make the day/night run smoothly:

  • Valentines Day is a big one for females, it’s what they look forward to. Remember the male mind and the female minds are very complex, but also very different. Although the new age man is edging more to the "metrosexual" side, females are still more emotional than guys so you if you dont make her feel special on this day, you might as well call it quits.

  • Ladies, if your man hasn't told you that he's got something planned for you, don't go out and make your own plans without asking him first. You never know, he might have a suprise for you.

  • Ensure you have covered all angles; you can’t be slipping up at the last minute. If you’re taking him/her out and you have reservations, call to ensure your place is a definite. Also ensure you have petrol in your car and your tyres are pumped! You wouldn't want to be stranded on a side road with your hazard warning lights on trying to replace a tyre.

  • Don't go over board...spelling out "I Love You" across the sky is nice, but writing down your feelings in a beautiful card is just as effective.

  • Don't turn up your nose if you don't like the gift you're given. Afterall it's the thought that counts!

  • If you're taking your girlfriend out, make sure you got money!!! Don’t come with that .... "Aw yeah, see what happened is, my boy was meant to set me back the bill he owe's me but his pees are low so he had to let man down". Im sure your partner would rather be dining at Yi Ban than getting her hands greasy to Dixy chicken whilst watching Gavin & Stacey on BBC iplayer.

  • Thinking about cooking for the that special someone, but have no idea where to start? Ensure it's not the first time you're trying to cook that specific meal, try try and try again so that you know its perfect and just right. If that fails, simply order his/hers favourite take away and serve yourself up as desert...wink wink, nudge, nudge!

  • If your side jump-off is hollering at you to cause trouble, leave your phone at home ! Tell your partner to do the same, look at them in their eyes and whisper in a subtle voice "Tonight it’s all about me and you, so lets leave our phones and worries at home and enjoy each other's company without any distractions". Then give him/her a soft kiss on the lips before they have time to say anything.

  • "If you can't be with the one you love,' like Vandross said, 'then love the one you're with!'

  • Lastly, RELAX! Whatever you have planned, just make nature run its course. There's nothing worse than being confronted with those dreaded awkward moments!


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Puppy Love.....Is It All Over?

Why were RiRi and C Breezy M.I.A at the Grammy awards?

Your boy Chris Brown and his girlfriend Rihanna seem to have hit a rough (and I mean rough) patch in their relationship:

"Chris Brown is under investigation for alleged domestic violence felony battery, the LAPD confirms to PEOPLE. "

"The identity of the victim will not be released," said Officer April Harding. "Any victim who's involved in a domestic violence incident is entitled to confidentiality." Officer Harding added: "If police locate Brown, yes, he's subject to arrest."

Both Brown, 19, and girlfriend Rihanna, 20, were scheduled to perform at the Grammys, but this statement was released Sunday evening:

"We have just been informed that Rihanna will not be attending tonight's 51st Annual Grammy Awards. We're sorry she is unable to join us this evening."

Around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, the R&B singer and a woman were in a vehicle in L.A. when they became involved in an argument, according to a police statement. After stopping his car, Brown and the woman got out and the argument escalated. The LAPD received a 911 call reporting the disturbance. When officers arrived they found the victim, but Brown had already left the scene, the statement reads.

The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker, police say. The LAPD is conducting an investigation into the incident.

As for why this case is being investigated as a felony and not a misdemeanor, Officer Karen Smith explained "because there was visible injury on the victim. It can be as small as a scratch or much worse, as long as injuries are visible, it's considered a felony."

Earlier Saturday night Brown and Rihanna were at the Recording Academy and Clive Davis's Pre-Grammy Gala in Beverly Hills.

When asked about Rihanna's well being, her rep told PEOPLE, "Rihanna is well. Thank you for concern and support."

Since I received this news from sources in LA, Chris Brown has since handed himself in, been bailed for $50,000 and is due to appear into court in a months time. Rihanna has also been said to be the we didn't already gather that!

Monday, 9 February 2009

The 51st Annual Grammys

Last night the celebrities were out in full swing for the Oscars of music - The Grammys.....well with the exception of Chris Brown and Rihanna.....more on that on another post! Mind you I didn't see Beyonce either...maybe my eyes were too glazed from lack of sleep....

I actually thought the show was boring....the performances just were not as entertaining as usual.

However, it was good to see Jennifer Hudson back on the red carpet. She gave a great performance and also won a Grammy for 'Best R&B Album' for her self-titled album. Considering all that she's been through in the past couple of months, J Hud put on a brave face and dedicated the award to her "family in Heaven".

Our girl Estelle, did us proud and also won a Grammy for 'Best Rap/Sung Collaboration' for 'American Boy' ft Kanye. Stelly also gave a pitch perfect performance of American Boy, and also revealed to red carpet host Ryan Seacrest that she has her very own American Boy. Go Stelly.....them American guys are yummy!

UK's Adele and Duffy also won some Grammys too; Adele winning two for 'Best New Artist' and 'Best Pop Vocal Performance'

TI, Jay Z, Lil' Wayne and Kanye, also known as the 'Rap Pack', donned the stage in tuxedos and gave one hell of a performance for the Grammy winning song 'Swagger Like Us', with a heavily pregnant M.I.A, whose baby was actually due on Grammy Day. Got to give it up to her, her and the bump done well! Man of the moment Weezy brought home four out of eight Grammys.

For all award winners click here

Image via Wireimage

Sunday, 8 February 2009

What ever happened to just being nice?

There's a bit of anger in all of us, we all tend to flip out every now and then when we really shouldn't have to.

But nothing can compare to Christian Bale's 46 swear word rant in which he launched a scathing verbal assault on a colleague on the set of Terminator 4.

I mean come on people, whatever happened to just being nice? In some respects you gotta feel for Bale though, Heath Ledger stole the show in The Dark Knight and we all know his own mother called the feds on him, but Bale must have thought he was still playing Patrick Bateman from American Psycho because he really went in at the poor guy.

We know you gotta get into character, blah blah blah, but here's a tip, take a page out of Tom Cruise's book.

Friday, 6 February 2009


I was invited to the multi-media screening of the much anticipated biographical film of the Notorious B.I.G, 'NOTORIOUS'.

I was pleasantly suprised! I really enjoyed the much better than Fiddy's 'Get Rich Or Die Trying'.

The film basically tells us the story of BIG's rise to fame as one of the G.O.A.Ts, from the tough streets of Brooklyn, to the night he died in LA, which most of us know already. It's a shame they didn't show us some information about his life that we didn't already know. All the same, the movie is a great adaptation of BIG's life and really done him justice.

The cast of the film were brilliant! Jamal Woolard, who plays Biggie, really got into character for his role...he even had BIG's breathing down to a tee! You really believed he was BIG, it's crazy. Derek Luke who plays Puffy couldn't have done a better job...I mean the guy even got Puff's mad dance moves on point! Faith Evans' character looks just her and Angela Basset, who plays Miss Wallace, could've put a bit more work in with her accent, after all Miss Wallace was born in Jamaica....her accent wouldn't have been so American all the time, but other than that she too playd her part well.

Now as for Lil' Kim's portrayal in the film......The 'notorious K.I to the M' has been moaning about how she's being portrayed as BIG's 'jump-off' through out the film and how Naturi Naughton, former 3LW band memeber who plays Kim, doesn't do her character any justice. I personally feel that Kim is just angry at the fact that she wasn't asked to help out in the film like Faith and Puffy were. She is portrayed just as she portrays herself in real life: a very sexual female rapper, who had an on-off realtionship with Biggie. Simple as! Naturi played Kim's character well, considering she never had Kim's help to nail her character down. Kim needs to realise the film is about BIG and not her and to stop moaning about her character!

The film also introduces CJ Wallace, BIG and Faith's son, who plays a young BIG in the film. The soundtrack is filled with some of your favourite B.I.G songs such as 'Juicy' and 'Warning' which will have you bobbing throughout the film.

'NOTORIOUS' is a film that all hip-hop heads, and music lovers need to go and see. Also the soundtrack is a good buy, which features actual demo's of Biggie's and tracks from Jay Z and Santogold, and Faith and Jadakiss.

Here's the trailer......

'NOTORIOUS' out in cinemas 13/02/09

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

London At A Standstill

So the snow settled.....

We finally got the snow that we wanted for Crimbo, but it decided to come in February on a Monday when we all have to get to work, uni, school etc

The roads were deserted in the normal rush hour...nobody at bus stops...hell was there even any buses running?! NOOOOOOO

London Transport decided to terminate all bus services as the roads were too icy, which is understandable, and obviously trains were on the blink and the tube was running at a slow pace. London was at a complete standstill....just because of some snow.

I seriously think that the London Transport need to clean their act up! I mean NYC, which gets about three times more snow than we do in London, seems to have their game up, they have snow cleaning trucks which scrap the snow off the roads so cars and buses can why can't London???

Each year the travel fares rise, and on a day of snow, which really and truly isn't that bad, stops everyone from commuting. So I think it's time that that Boris Johnson took some of that congestion charge/oystercard money and put it to good use for snow days like today. All of this global warming in the world is going to cause more weird weather, and London will be on the receiving end of some of it, so I see snow cleaning machines, or whatever they're called, a good investment!

On a good note today was SNOW DAY!! A three day weekend....whooo hoooo!!

The snow looked so pretty.....from the window. I wasn't going outside to feel it's wrath!!
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