Sunday, 20 June 2010

NEWS: N-Dubz Members Tulisa & Fazer In A Relationship?

In today's News Of The World Celeb XS, celebrity journalist Dan Wootton supposedly exposes the secret relationship that has been going on between N-Dubz members Tulisa and Fazer!

According to the article, the pair used to be an item years ago, and recently rekindled their romance at the beginning of their Against All Odds tour this April.

Taken from the article:
A tour insider revealed: "Tulisa and Fazer both confided separately to a number of people that something romantic had developed between them again.
"Tulisa said they had been seeing each other and sleeping together on and off since they were in their teens but things had become more intense on tour.
"She was petrified about Fazer's girlfriend finding out because she knew how much trouble that would cause." 

Tulisa broke up with her boyfriend in April near the beginning of the tour - some would say that isn't a coincidence.

Read the full article here you believe this story?


  1. hmmmm interesting how this comes out a day before their tv show!!! I dont believe it!

  2. idk i don't think they are and your the best n dubz

  3. first why would that happen and second its there life if they do wanna go out or even sleep its there choice and just because fazer has a gf doesnt mean he is gonna stay with her for the rest of his life. boys changes girls like they change socks once in a week lol well that pretty much dappy ; ) love ya rly oh btw if they did they would make the best coule..; )love u loads n dubz and i think ur way better dan black eyed peas just saying

  4. Its True! I've Been Tld By Some1 Close 2 Dem, Wat Upsets Me Is Dat Der Lying 2 Der Fans (Tulisas Twitter: She Says Dat Der Not Dating) At Least Tell Ur Fans Nd Da 1s U Got Left R Ur True Fans Cuz Den U Noe Dey Appreciate Ur Music, Personally I Fink It Is Risky But As A Fan I Dont Like Da Fact Dat Der Lying 2 Us.. Have U Noticed Der ALWAYS Together!


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