Friday, 30 July 2010

UK Fashion: New Benjart Clothing Polo Shirts

Benjart clothing return with the first pieces from their Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. The class of 2010 polos feature the classic HRH metal encrusted emblem and come in three natural colour ways- Ice white, Caramel, and plain black.

The polos will be available this Saturday at Off The Radar (Westbourne Studios 242 Aklam Rd, W10 5JJ) and then from the online store @

Let's continue to support UK clothing.

VIDEO: President Barack Obama On The View

Barack Obama visited The View ladies yesterday in his third appearance on the show.

The President said he chose to come on The View because wife Michelle was a regular viewer. He said:

"Look, I was trying to find a show that Michelle actually watched, and so I thought this is it, right here."

NEWS: Jennifer Lopez To Be New American Idol Judge

According to Deadline Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez will be the new American Idol judge, who will take the place of Ellen DeGeneres, who announced her departure from the award-winning reality show yesterday afternoon.

Don't forget Diddy has got his eyes on the spot that Simon Cowell has left vacant on the show....
The thought of Diddy and Jennifer Lopez working on a show day-in-day-out with each other is an interesting sight!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

NEW MUSIC: Usher ft Jay-Z - 'Hot Toddy'

 Usher and Hov have teamed up for a banging track called 'Hot Toddy' which will feature on Usher's new release 'Versus' - the re-release of his album 'Raymond v Raymond'.

Do you like the track?

VIDEO: KanYe West Performs Tracks At Twitter HQ

So not only did KanYe pay a visit to Facebook, but he took a trip to the Twitter HQ - please bear in mind KanYe vowed he would not join Twitter.

But guess what....KanYe is now on Twitter...after all he's got an album to promote soon and we all know the power of social media!

You can follow KanYe on Twitter @kanyewest

Thanks PunchBowl Blog

VIDEO: Diddy/Dirty Money X Rick Ross On Lopez Tonight [PERFORMANCE X INTERVIEW]

After Diddy's surprise visit and performance on Lopez Tonight last week where he got booed, Diddy made another visit to the show last night with his Dirty Money ladies and rapper Rick Ross, to perform the gold-selling single 'Hello Good Morning'. *check out Diddy's dance moves - classic!*

Check out Diddy's interview below alongside Rick Ross, Dawn, Kaleena where Diddy talks about being booed for the first time ever on Lopez Tonight the previous week, his character Sergio in the film 'Get Him To The Greek' and his forthcoming album 'Last Train To Paris', plus loads more.

NEW MUSIC: Labrinth - 'Let The Sun Shine'

'Let The Sun Shine' is by recent Syco signing Labrinth, who is also the producer behind Tinie Tempah two Top 10 smashes 'Pass Out' and 'Frisky'.

Seems like the boy from Hackney is going to have a Top 10 hit with this track.

What do you think?

NEWS: Jamelia Signs New Record Deal [UPDATE]

Today Jamelia signed the contracts for her new record deal live on UStream, which was watched by her fans.

The singer stated:
"Obviously this is really really exciting for me. Let the games begin!"

What everybody wants to know is......what record label has Jamelia been signed to?
It was rumored a little while ago that rapper 50 Cent wanted to sign Jamelia......

Jamelia we look forward to hearing your new material!


Jamelia has signed a three-album deal with All Around The World Records - the people that gave you N-Dubz!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

VIDEO: 50 Cent On The View

"You saw what they did with Michael [Jackson], they can do anything!" - 50 Cent on his tattoo removal

50 Cent paid a visit to The View today and spoke about his weight loss, his upcoming movie and his now tattoo-less arm.

Thanks PunchBowlBlog

PICTURE THIS: Diddy/Dirty Money x Janelle Monae x Rick Ross x Cassie On The Cover Of VIBE Magazine

Today Diddy was guest editor at VIBE Magazine and announced that he and his Bad Boy familia (Dirty Money, Cassie (does she even sing anymore?), Janelle Monae, Rick Ross, Red Cafe)will be on the cover of VIBE's August/September 'Juice' issue.

Here's a snippet of what to expect from the cover story with Diddy:

Dr. Dre said that the last beat that floored him was “All About the Benjamins.” How does that make you feel?
It’s humbling. I was in the studio with Dre the other day. He started working on a record for me. Watching him as a producer is watching greatness. We had a lot of similar traits. It was like looking in the mirror. He would ask questions like, “How you feel about this?” People don’t really understand true producers want to know how you feel about things. We are some of the most observant people on the planet.

What happened during the Martin Bashir interview on Nightline?
There were times in the interview when I had to give him an ultimatum. The questions weren’t being handled the right way. In hindsight, when I saw him I shouldn’t had done the interview because I know the style of interview that he does . . . The whole thing about giving a Maybach to my son, that’s really like a racist question. You don’t ask White people what they buy their kids. And they buy ‘em Porsches and convertible Bentleys and it ain’t no question. It’s really a racist question and put things back in perspective with money and the way that people still look at you. And I’m not saying that consciously he’s a racist. But he probably don’t even realize that he would not ask Steve Jobs that. He would be like Steve Jobs has that money and that’s the gift his kid is supposed to get.

Are the comments from Lil’ Kim about Nicki disheartening?
When I heard her say what she said, it didn’t really affect me. I didn’t get mad at her or anything like that. I knew how she felt. I ain’t agree with it. But also I know the motivation. I know that people say, “Oh, he’s trying to get a new Lil’ Kim.”  I guess people will see in time. Yeah, Nicki’s had flavored wigs on, but besides that it ain’t even the same approach to the writing.

In other news, Diddy also announced that 'Last Train To Paris' has been pushed back to a release date in October.

FILM TRAILER: 'Sucker Punch'

"Sucker Punch" is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagination of a young girl whose dream world provides the ultimate escape from her darker reality. Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her, but her incredible adventures blur the lines between what's real and what is imaginary...with potentially tragic consequences."

The film isn't released until March 2011....a bit of a wait!

THOUGHT PIECE: Nicki Minaj vs Lil' Kim

I thought I’d let the hype die down before I gave my two cents on the 'Lil Kim v Nicki Minaj' debate.

Let's go in...

First off let me say without Lil Kim there would be no Nicki. Much like without Queen Latifah and MC Lyte there would be no Lil Kim.

From what I’ve seen and heard most of the venom has been coming from Lil Kim who I personally feel isn't relevant in 2010.

In the early 90's-2000 there was an abundance of female MC's (Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Brat, Missy, Foxy, Eve, Trina, Remy Ma and Khia to name a few) who all experienced some level of success alongside their male counterparts.

As much as I can enjoy music from female rappers, I have only been able to purchase a handful of albums. These were from Kim and Foxy because they brought something different to the table with their explicit lyrics, and Da Brat and Missy Elliot who brought more of a funk and fun element. These ladies were also backed by influential male rappers (B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Nas).

I can't deny there are a few similarities in how Kim used to style herself, but with Nicki there is a twist which I feel gives her a more mainstream appeal whilst still being able to maintain her 'hood' rep. Being part of the Young Money click and having Dwayne Carter as your boss and mentor also doesn't hurt.

To me it seems Kim wants Nicki to actually come out and acknowledge her contribution to female hip hop and she doesn't need to do that! As far as I know, Nicki has never denied or disrespected the contribution and hard work her peers put in before her. From seeing Nicki on bootleg ‘hood’ DVDs back in the day to being the first female MC in eight years to have a number one on the Billboard charts I have to respect her hustle, determination and hard work.

In terms of performance, Lil Kim was very rambunctious whereas Nicki is more quirky and animated with her accents and facial expressions. Both artists demand people’s attention when they are on stage and if you are paying to see someone that is what is expected.

So In conclusion I think we all do respect Lil Kim's contribution to hip hop, and she probably still has a fan base although, I very much doubt it is still as vast as it once was. Right now is definitely Nicki's time and I can’t see any other female coming for her spot right now. If she continues to stay on her grind she thoroughly deserves the continued success.

What are your thoughts?

PICTURE THIS: Zoe Saldana's Calvin Klein Envy Lingerie Ad

Actress Zoe Saldana has become the face of Calvin Klein's Envy lingerie campaign.

Promoting the brand's autumn women’s Envy line, the multi-million dollar ads will first be seen in circulation in mid-September.

Image source

VIDEO: KanYe West Performs Tracks Acapella At Facebook HQ

 'Sweat On My Face' x 'Chain Heavy'

'Mama's Boyfriend'

Mr KanYe West performed a few of his tracks from 'Good Ass Job' at Facebook HQ acapella style.

You can really feel KanYe's words on Mama's!

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Fabolous ft Red Café - 'Tonight' x 'Love Come Down'

The F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S has released two music videos for 'Tonight' and 'Love Come Down', taken from his TNIC2 EP.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

NEWS: Janelle Monaé Releases 'Tightrope' Remixes Compilation

Janelle Monaé has digitally released a compilation of remixes to her debut single 'Tightrope' entitled 'Tightrope (The Remixes)', featuring 10 remixes of the track. Remixes from 10 Rapid and Robbie Rivera are included, as well as the Wondaland mix with B.o.B and Lupe Fiasco and an acapella of the original track.

You can listen to snippets and buy the compilation over on Beatport. On August 3rd the compilation will also be released via Amazon and looks set to be a lower price than at Beatport.

We're feeling Rapid 10's remix....have a listen

Here's the full tracklist:

1. Tightrope (Robbie Rivera's Juicy Mix)
2. Tightrope (Robbie Rivera's Juicy Big Room Dub)
3. Tightrope (Robbie Rivera's Radio Mix)
4. Tightrope (Goodwill Remix)
5. Tightrope (Paul Harris Vocal Remix)
6. Tightrope (Paul Harris Dub)
7. Tightrope (10 Rapid Remix)
8. Tightrope (10 Rapid Instrumental)
9. Tightrope (Wondamix) featuring B.o.B and Lupe Fiaco.
10. Tightrope (Acapella) featuring Big Boi

Thanks Bad Boy Blog

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Estelle x John Legend x Nas - 'Fall In Love'

Estelle ft Nas

Estelle ft John Legend

At last the videos for Estelle's first official single 'Fall In Love', taken from her forthcoming album 'All Of Me' have been released. Rapper Nas and the man who signed Estelle to his record label , John Legend, both feature on two different versions of the track.

Estelle is giving off a kind of 'Jenny From The Block' x 'American Boy' vibe in these simple videos.

Which version of the track do you like best?

NEW MUSIC: Ne-Yo - 'Hurt Me'

Another track from Ne-Yo has been leaked. It's not certain that 'Hurt Me' is to be featured on Ne-Yo's forthcoming album 'Libra Scale', but the song fits in nicely with 'Libra Scale''s storyline.

Are you liking this track?

Thanks Teen Today

CONCERT ALERT: Janelle Monae At KOKO, Camden

Miss Janelle Monaé will be gracing London with her presence again this September 8th at Camden's KOKO.

Her last show at the Hotox Bar and Grill sold out before the show was even announced, so if you'd like tickets, you better buy them ASAP - this show will be a sold out affair!

Tickets go on sale August 30th.

Thanks PinBoard

Social Writers Meet: Miss Tila [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

The Social Writers team chopped it up with Miss Tila this week at the Tuatara club in London.

You may know her by the name of Tila Tequila from MTV's 'A Shot Of Love with Tila Tequila', but the model, TV personality, blogger, and of course singer spoke about her music, what she thinks about Perez Hilton and much more.

Despite the name change, her personality is still as fiery as ever, watch as Tila talks her plans for the future, her fans, and what she thought about Rihanna wanting to 'mute' her.

Monday, 26 July 2010

VIDEO: Rick Ross Performs 'B.M.F (Blowing Money Fast)' On Jimmy Fallon

Rapper of the moment Rick Ross performs 'B.M.F (Blowing Money Fast)' on Jimmy Fallon to promote his new album, 'Teflon Don', which is out now.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

NEW MUSIC: Lauryn Hill - 'Repercussions'

A new song by the incredible Lauryn Hill has surfaced on the web and  it is everything and more, than we could have anticipated. Entitled 'Repercussions', it's unknown whether the track is new or not, nevertheless; the little gem comes as a breath of fresh air and her signature husky vocals evokes some serious 'The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill' nostalgia.

There is hope still for a well overdue comeback from Miss Hill.  Fingers crossed!

Side Note: As for Irv Gotti comparing Nicki Minaj to Lauryn Hill..SMH!

Lauryn Hill - Repercussions

Are you liking this track?

Thanks Pinboardblog

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Ty - 'Don't Cry'

UK rapper, Ty has released a video for his new single 'Don't Cry'. Taken off of his highly respected album 'A Special Kind Of Fool', once again Ty displays his impressive lyrical ability, embedded within a song so meaningful and relevant. Ty is definitely one of the UK's finest and his album is a must have for your collection.

What do you think of Ty's new video?


Saturday, 24 July 2010

NEWS: Christina Milian Claims Her Marriage To The Dream Wasn't Over!

And the saga between Christina Milian and The Dream continues.....

According to TMZ, Christina claims that her marriage to The Dream was anything but over when she signed the divorce papers as the pair had "marital relations on numerous occasions."

Christina wants the judge to throw out the divorce papers as not only did The Dream lie about the status of their relationship, but he was also cheating on her. To make matters worse, Christina signed away her alimony! The Dream brought the divorce papers for Christina to sign at her bedside, nine days before he gave birth to their daughter. Christina says she was in no condition to sign such important documents.

Nothing can ever be simple in a divorce these days! No doubt there is more to this story...stay tuned...

SNEAK PEAK: The Dream - 'Turnt Out' [VIDEO]

Here's a taster of what to expect from The Dream's latest music video for his new single 'Turnt Out'.


Usher is set to re-release his latest album, Raymond v Raymond as a repackaged album called 'Versus', which includes eight new tracks featuring the likes of Jay-Z and Ciara.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Love ‘Em All
2. DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love ft.Pitbull
3. Hot Toddy feat. Jay-Z and Ciara
4. Lay You Down 
5. Lingerie 
6. There Goes My Baby
7. Get in My Car ft. Bun B
8. Somebody to Love (Remix) ft. Justin Bieber
9. Stranger

Friday, 23 July 2010

BEHIND THE SCENES: Jay Sean ft Nicki Minaj - 2012'' [VIDEO]

Mr Jay Sean is back with a brand new track and music video with the assitance of his Cash Money label mate, Nicki Minaj. '2012' is the first single from his forthcoming album, which is due out on November 2nd.

The music video will drop on August 8th.

VIDEO: Diddy Gets Booed And Performs 'It's All About The Benjamins' On Lopez Tonight

Diddy decided to make a planned impromptu visit to Lopez Tonight on Wednesday to announce that his single 'Hello Good Morning' had gone gold! As Dirty Money will be on the show next week Diddy told the audience that he'll be throwing a gold party that week, which upset the audience as they wont be in the audience the following week, so they booed Diddy.

Diddy being the man that he is broke out into an unplanned song and dance and performed 'It's All About The Benjamins' to keep the crowd happy.

You gotta love Diddy!

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Marques Houston ft Rick Ross - 'Pullin' On Her Hair'

Marques Houston has teamed up with the rapper on the tip of everybody's tongues at the moment, Rick Ross on Marques' track, 'Pullin' On Her Hair', which is taken from Marques' forthcoming album, 'Mattress Music'.

'Mattress Music' is released 14th September.

GIG REVIEW: Melanie Fiona Live at Jazz Café, London

Energetic, fantastic, amazing. Just three of the words that can be used to describe the performance given by the wonderfully talented Miss Melanie Fiona on Tuesday night. This isn’t the first time Miss Fiona has graced a London stage (back in May the singer supported Alicia Keys at the 02) however it was her first headlining show, something which all could see she was more than excited about.

Melanie performed a number of songs from her debut album The Bridge, which was released back in 2009, to a vibrant audience at Camden’s Jazz Cafe. Supported by her two back up singers, and a band of 4, the songstress wowed fans with her powerful voice and positive energy that she brought to the stage.

The show opened with a bang as an enthused Melanie took to the stage to perform Bang Bang. She even surprised the packed-out crowd by performing covers of Kanye West’s hit Heartless and Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold  - to which she both did justice!
Difficult to pick a best moment for the night, although her performance of Somebody Come Get Me, a song she put out under the name ‘Syren Hall’ inspired by her Caribbean roots, was definitely a highlight. She had the whole audience cheering her on as, through the lyrics of the song, she told the story of woman ‘so vex’, as she put it, at her man for cheating on her that she wanted to kill him.

The night concluded with Melanie returning for an encore of her debut single Give it to Me Right. An enjoyable evening by such an incredible and down to earth woman. If you missed it, you definitely missed out!

Reviewed by Casey Elisha

NEW MUSIC: Alesha Dixon - Drummer Boy

The leggy Miss Dixon has resurfaced into the music world and is currently looking for a 'Drummer Boy'.

'Drummer Boy' is to be released on September 5th.

NEWS: The Dream Filed For Divorce From Christina Milian Days Before She Gave Birth!

TMZ have official court documents that show that Terrius Nash aka The Dream actually filed for divorce from Christina Milian days before the singer was going to give birth to their daughter Violet.

So The Dream is making out like Christina didn't know he had moved on and Christina is still walking around rocking that rock on her wedding finger like all is well.

We're sure more light will be shed on this divorce......


Another addition to the SAW series is being released! Here's the first of the many teaser trailers you'll see to promote the film.

Check out film's synopsis below....

The SAW series continues with this seventh entry, spearheaded by returning SAW VI director Kevin Greutert. Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton also are back to pen the script, which details the exploits of serial killer Jigsaw’s surviving victims, who seek counseling from a self-help mentor (Sean Patrick Flanery) whose past as a previous victim figures directly into each one’s fate. Cary Elwes returns to the franchise for the first time since his character survived Jigsaw’s first cinematic outing in 2004.

Will you be going to watch this gruesome film in October?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

NEWS: Art Rules Aruba-Bo Mes Sa! (Everybody Beautiful)



We introduced you to the Pancake Gallery brain child that is, Arts Rule Aruba, a while ago. However; since then the two week workshop has finally gone into full swing and judging my the pictures, the lucky kids of Aruba can expect nothing short of an epic experience.

With master classes taught by a team of international art representatives, the project aims to bring the arts and its many facets to the forefront of Arubian education, in a way that will surely leave an untimely stain on the island.

Social writers have supported Arts Rule Aruba  since the very beginning of its existence, so we wish the Pancake gallery crew nothing but success with the project.

Bo Mes Sa!

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: T.I. ft Keri Hilson - 'Got Ya Back' [FULL VIDEO]

The official video for T.I.'s 'Got Ya Back' video featuring Keri Hilson has been released. The track is taken from T.I.'s forthcoming album 'King Uncaged'.

There's also a cameo appearance from T.I.'s fiancé, Tiny, at the end of the video.....after all she had T.I.'s back through everything!

Do you like the video?

Side note: Check out Jill Marie Jones aka Toni Childs from Girlfriends in the video

VIDEO: Rick Ross x Big Boi x Lil' Jon Roundtable Interview On Chelsea Lately

Rappers Rick Ross, Big Boi and Lil Jon held a round table discussion with the one and only Chelsea Handler on her show Chelsea Lately.

We all know Chelsea has a thing for rappers so it's no shock that Chelsea openly says that she would sleep with Rick Ross out of the three rappers.

Another funny interview!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

SNEAK PEAK [VIDEO]: T.I. ft Keri Hilson - Got Ya Back

Here's a quick look at what to expect from the upcoming T.I. and Keri Hilson video for 'Got Your Back'.

Check out Keri's new it a winner?

PICTURE THIS: Amy Winehouse Spotted At The Nas & Damian Marley Concert

The 'Back To Black' singer was spotted at the Nas & Damian Marley show at the Hammersmith Apollo last night on the side of the stage, gyrating against a speaker.

Amy, who was wearing her trademark ballet shoes, was spotted leaving the stage when Nas came off for a short break.

Picture from PunchBowlBlog

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Nicki Minaj - 'Your Love'

Here's the official video for Nicki Minaj's next single, 'Your Love'. Staying true to the Harajuki Barbie that Nicki is, the video has a Japanese theme to it, which shows a most subtle side to Nicki.

Are you liking the video?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

VIDEO: Usher's Behind The Music With VH1

In the latest installment of 'Behind The Music', Usher is in the hot seat and talks in depth about his start in the music industry with Diddy, his relationship with TLC's Chilli, his relationship with his mother/ex-manager and his infamous marriage and break-up to Tameka Foster.

Here's all the info you wanted to know about Usher......enjoy!

PICTURE THIS: T.I. & B.o.B Cover Complex Magazine

Two of Atlantic Records/Grand Hustle's biggest rappers, T.I. and B.o.B grace the covers of the August/September issue of Complex Magazine. 2010 has been a big year for both rappers.

Read their cover stories here

VIDEO: Drake Kisses Fan On Stage

Seems like Drake is trying to make his shows a bit more interesting....and steamy! The rapper brought a female fan on stage and kissed her neck. By making sure that she was over 18 years old, the rapper then hugged the fan and then made out like he was about to kiss her on the lips.....only to reject the motion.

Poor girl!

BEHIND THE SCENES: Drake x Lil Wayne 'Miss Me' Video [IMAGES]

These screenshots have surfaced of a green screen video for 'Miss Me' which, is featured on Drakes 'Thank Me Later' album. The shoot (Weezy's bits...) were done before he started his sentence on Rikers Island. The shots look really energetic and with both of their artistic creativity I can't even begin to think what the backdrop will finally be!

It's reported over at that Drake is in Atlanta this week finishing up his scenes for imminent release.

I'm glad Drizzy is releasing this track as it is one of my favourite tracks off of the album. Make sure you stay tuned to Social Writers for the full length feature coming soon...

PICTURE THIS: Kelly Rowland Album Promo Pics

The beautiful Ms Kelly (chocolate) Rowland has released some promo pics from her forthcoming self-titled album.

I'm not gonna front like I've been feeling the Dance music she's been putting out of late, but hopefully there are a few RnB bangers on the album for her old fans. Until then we can enjoy her new visuals.

NEWS: Dizzee Rascal And Corinne Bailey Rae Shorlisted For The Barclaycard Mercury Prize 2010

Dizzee Rascal and Corrine Bailey Rae are just two of the acts to be shortlisted for the Barclaycard Mercury Prize 2010. Dizzee's 'Tongue N' Cheek' and Rae's 'The Sea' are up against ten other British albums.

Here's the shortlist

Dizzee Rascal – Tongue N' Cheek 
The xx – xx
Paul Weller – Wake Up the Nation 
Corinne Bailey Rae – The Sea 
Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More 
Laura Marling – I Speak Because I Can 
Foals – Total Life Forever 
Wild Beasts – Two Dancers 
Biffy Clyro – Only Revolutions 
Villagers – Becoming a Jackal 
Kit Downes Trio – Golden
I Am Kloot – Sky at Night

ALBUM REVIEW: Rick Ross- 'Teflon Don'

The boss Ricky Ross returns with his eagerly anticipated fourth LP 'Teflon Don', and doesn't fail to please.

For those who have followed Ross since his first release, 'Port Of Miami' you will see he has continued to up his lyrical game and force his way in to the much debated argument of "who are the best MC's in the game".

The 11 track CD picks up where his 'Albert Anastasia' mixtape left off. 'Free Mason' with Jay-Z feeds into the rumours that Jay is part of the illuminati where he spits, "B*tch, I said I was amazing, not that I'm a mason".

We are also treated to 'Maybach Music III' which, features an odd ensemble of artists (T.I., Jada and Erykah Badu) but it works to a tee! Other featured artists on the album include- Cee-Lo Green, Kanye West, Trey Songz, Drake, Chrisette Michelle, Styles P, John Legend and his new BFF Diddy.

Stand out tracks- 'I'm Not A Star', 'Live Fast, Die Young' w/ Kanye, 'BMF (Blowing Money Fast' w/ Styles P, 'Aston Martin Music' w/ Drake and Chrisette Michelle and 'Free Mason' w/ Jay-Z

The only low point on the album for me is 'No.1' w/ Diddy and Trey Songz. Although it is still a good song I did expect a bit more from the track, but this in no way dampens the albums appeal!

Despite his lyrical beef with 50 Cent and his police links, Ross has come through the fight unscathed. Matching the right production, lyrics and collabos Ross has produced a stellar album which, will not disappoint fans and new fans alike.

My rating for 'Teflon Don' is 5/5. Make sure you pick this one up in your local independent music store on 20th July.

VIDEO: 50 Cent Still Calling Diddy A B*tch

50 Cent still insists on calling Diddy a "b*tch"....but does anybody actually care about what 50 is saying?

Monday, 19 July 2010


Introducing Calvin “Joonie” Gary, Jr., who is an American singer, songwriter, arranger and musician, specializing in Soul, R&B and Pop who like many great artists began his vocal career singing and playing in the church. Although a brilliant vocalist, Joonie’s dream was never to become a singer. As a talented musician, his focus was on the art of songwriting and producing. Unable to find singers who could deliver his works the way he envisioned them, Joonie was forced to sing his own demos. After one of his demos reached the hands of Warren G, Joonie landed his first deal with a major record label.

Unwilling to compromise the integrity of his musicianship and unable to abandon his unique artistic style to become a pre-packaged “instant star”, Joonie took an introspective hiatus from the music industry where at one point he almost lost his desire to create. For a while, Joonie stayed behind the scenes writing, arranging, producing or playing instrumentals for other artists including, Ruben Studdard, Nappy Roots, Angie Stone and Mos Def (unreleased), but his talent would once again surface and be pushed to the forefront.

Joonie's latest single, 'So Fly' is a great soul track!

Keep your eyes peeled for this guy.

VIDEO: Drake Talks About 'Fancy' Video

Drizzy Drake speaks to MTV about his music video for the Swizz Beats produced track 'Fancy'.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

NEW MUSIC: Ne-Yo - 'My Star'

'My Star' is apparently taken off of Ne-Yo's forthcoming album, 'Libra Scale'.

This track adds another piece to the puzzle of Ne-Yo's short story, which 'Libra Scale' is based listening to the lyrics of the track, it seems as though Ne-Yo's character Jerome kills both Pretty Sinclair and Diamond Eye to wipe out all the damage that has been caused and to balance the equilibrium (the Libra Scale).

If you're not clued up on Ne-Yo's short story, click here to read more about it

NEWS: B.o.B Scores His Second #1 Single In The UK Charts With 'Airplanes'

After seven weeks in the charts, B.o.B has done it again and has scored another #1 single in the official UK charts with his single 'Airplanes', featuring Paramore's lead singer Haley Williams. The rapper beat off Eminem, Katy Perry and Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP to the top spot.

The single, which is the second official single from his debut album 'The Adventures Of Bobby Ray', is not officially released in the UK until August 9th 2010.

Here's the official Top Ten UK singles chart:
  1. B.o.B ft Haley Williams - Airplanes
  2. Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We Speak No Americano
  3. Eminem ft Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie
  4. Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg - California Gurls
  5. Professor Green ft Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Green
  6. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang
  7. JLS - The Club Is Alive
  8. Eliza Doolittle - Pack Up
  9. Enrique Iglesias ft Pitbull - I Like It
  10. 3OH!3 ft Ke$ha - My First Kiss

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Flo Rida ft David Guetta - 'Club Can't Handle Me'

'Club Can't Handle Me' is off of the Step Up 3D soundtrack which arrives in Stateside stores on July 27th.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Taio Cruz - 'Dynamite'

Check out the video for Taio Cruz's new track 'Dynamite'. The track is out August 23rd.

VIDEO: Johnathan Ross Bids Farewell To The BBC

Johnathan Ross' last show aired on the BBC last night. Before heading off to his new home at ITV, Ross will take a much needed year off before he starts filming for his new show.

Friday, 16 July 2010

VIDEO: Katie Price aka Jordan Performs 'Free To Love Again' On GMTV

No words are needed about this performance......smh

NEWS: The Dream Speaks Out About Failed Marriage To Christina Milian

After all of the blame being put on The Dream for the brek-up of his marriage to Christina Milian, he has decided to apologise via his official website to anybody who was hurt by the sordid images they saw of him canoodling with his assistant:
In My Own Words:

First I want to thank God for the trials of life, without them we can’t know purpose! I would love to tell the truth as to why my relationship wasn’t successful, but today that is between me and Christina.  Its easy to say that it’s because of another woman or a new relationship but truthfully, IT’S NOT.

I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for misleading everyone into thinking everything was fine and okay when we knew problems existed for awhile!  I wanted to speak up but we decided it wasn’t for anyone to know.  I would NEVER intentionally hurt a soul and everyone around me knows that!  There was so much going on in me and Christina’s personal world that I tried to deal with it as delicately as I could and tried to regain my footing.  Instead of being direct in order not to cause even more hurt or hurt someone’s feelings, I carried the weight in secret!

I am Human and people fall in and out of Love all the time… This is Life.  Nothing’s promised or perfect, neither am I.  I am not proud that I lost something we once had…LOVE!  I’ve always been a Loving Father, Hard Worker, Generous, Stern and Eager to prove myself.  My faults are I can be irresponsible and an ass sometimes, but I HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER be a malicious person or wish harm to anyone, especially those I love or the mother of my child.  I’m sorry for the embarrassment to everyone involved!  If there’s anyone to blame and you can’t fathom this happening, please blame me and me alone for not being upfront!  Even though we were trying to overcome personal things between us, I was just simply scared and embarrassed to let everyone know we WERE FAILING and HAVE NOW FAILED!

This is not to justify anything, it’s true emotion! It’s a real thing that involves real people!  I’ve cried about this for months, after interviews, after prayer and I’ve tried to take my own life at a point because of the failure that was looming.

But I was reminded by my MOTHER that I am not “Superman” and its okay to lose sometimes…This too shall pass! And everything will be fine!

~ Terius Nash ~


Thanks TGJ

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Roll Deep - 'Green Light'

The collective known as Roll Deep are back with a brand new single, 'Green Light'. The track is released August 15th.

Are you feeling the track and video?

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Bruno Mars ft Cee Lo & B.o.B - 'The Other Side'

You may recognise Bruno Mars as the male singer from Travis McCoy's first solo single 'Billionaire'. Now Bruno has stepped out into the solo limelight and teamed up with Cee-Lo and B.o.B on his single 'The Other Side'.

POSE FOR THE CAMERA: The Smiths At The Karate Kid 2 London Premiere

Yesterday the London premiere of The Karate Kid 2 took place and the talented Smiths were out in full force. Jaden, star of the film, with his sister Willow and his mum and dad Will and Jada, who are also producers of the film, worked the red carpet with actor Jackie Chan.

Check out some footage and interviews from the red carpet, courtesy of Heyuguys

That Jaden Smith is going to be a huge star, just like his parents!

VIDEO: Pink Falls Off Stage As Stunt Goes Wrong

Pink, who is known for her high-flying acts, was injured at her show in Nurnberg, Germany last night when she fell off stage due to her harness not being clipped onto her properly. Instead of the singer flying high in the sky above the crowd, the singer tumbled straight off the stage.

If you listen carefully you can actually hear Pink telling the two assistants "No, no, no!". Clearly Pink knew she wasn't strapped in properly.

As far as we know Pink is fine and resting up!

Spotted at Mr Paparazzi

Thursday, 15 July 2010

VIDEO: Affion Crockett's Spoof Of Drake's Freestyle On Tim Westwood's Show

LOL at Affion Crockett's spoof of Drake's recent freestyle in London on Tim Westwood's show.

Check out the original freestyle from Drake below

Thanks Miss Info

PICTURE THIS: Bosh, Wade And James Cover Sports Illustrated

Miami Heats new triple threat of Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James cover the latest issue of Sports Illustrated over in the States.

Could this spell the end of The LA Lakers reign in the NBA?

Only time will tell...


NEWS: Adidas Appoint Stella McCartney as Creative Director for Team GB

Sport and fashion have fused together once again as Adidas, the official sportswear partner of the London 2012 games have appointed leading designer Stella McCartney as Creative Director for their Team GB ranges.

It's the first of its kind as the initiative will see Stella oversee the design of both the Olympic and Paralympic teams and a lifestyle line for fans.

Stella, who shot to fame after graduating from Central Saint Martins college in London already works with Adidas producing a women's sports inspired performance range for the brand, but cites working with Team GB for 2012 as a "once in a lifetime opportunity".

"As a British fashion designer it is an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity to be creative director of Team GB as the hosting nation of the London 2012 Olympic Games".

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Ne-Yo - 'Chamapagne Life' & 'Beautiful Monster'

 Ne-Yo | Beautiful Monster

Ne-Yo | Champagne Life

Ne-Yo has released two of his mini movies/music videos for 'Beautiful Monster' and 'Champagne Life', two singles from his forthcoming new album, 'Libra Scale'.

All of the mini movies/music videos that Ne-Yo will be releasing will tell a story written by Ne-Yo himself, so be sure to follow. Click here to find out exactly what Ne-Yo's story is about.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

VIDEO: Ne-Yo Interview With Honey Magazine

The gentleman Ne-Yo chats it up with Honey Magazine about his new album 'Libra Scale', new film roles he has taken on and awaiting the birth of his first child.

Click here to read our exclusive on Ne-Yo's album 'Libra Scale' from the album playback in London

VIDEO: KiD CuDi ft Rostam Batmanglij & Bethany Cosentino - 'All Summer'

KiD CuDi, Rostam Batmanglij and Bethany Cosentino have teamed up for 'All Summer' as part of the Converse short film series.

ALBUM TRACKLISTING & ARTWORK: The Saturdays - 'Headlines!'

 The album artwork and tracklisting for The Saturday's new album 'Headlines!' has been revealed.

1. Missing You
2. Ego
3. Forever Is Over
4. Higher
5. Karma
6. Died In Your Eyes
7. One Shot
8. Puppet On A String

Thanks W.A.P.S

IMAGE: The New Cast Of The Fast And The Furious 5

Singer/actor Tyrese just sent a twitpic on Twitter of the new cast for the film The Fast And The Furious 5 that is currently being shot in Puerto Rico.

The usual suspects such as Tyrese, Vin Diesel and rapper/actor Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges will be in the film.

Ladies, if you had a choice, which ones would you choose?

VIDEO: The OMG Girls Perform On Good Day Atlanta

If you watched Tiny & Toyah's reality TV show on BET you will know who the OMG Girls are.The OMG Girls consist of Tiny's daughter and T.I.'s step-daughter Star, Lolo and Beauty and they have embarked upon a music career with the backing of Tiny as their manager.

Check out the girls performing their track 'H.A.T.E.R.Z' on Good Morning America.

Side note: Toya and Lil' Wayne's daughter Reginae was originally in the group too.

Thanks PunchBowl

VIDEO: Beyoncé's New Commercial For L'Oreal


We showed you the behind the scenes footage of this commercial, now watch the full commercial of Beyoncé promoting L'Oreal's infallible lipstick.

This commercial is so Beyoncé!

Spotted @ TGJ

SNEAK PEAK: Chris Brown- ' 12 Strands (Matrix)' [VIDEO]

Chris Brown is getting ready to drop a video for '12 Strands (Matrix)', which is a bonus track off of his 'Graffiti' LP.

The video looks action packed and is another step for Brown on his way back after his recent trials and tribulations. We will post the full length feature as soon as we get it!


ALBUM INFO & ARTWORK: Kano - 'Method To The Madness'

Method To The Maadness is Kano’s fourth studio album and his most accomplished, heavyweight offering yet. The album features collaborations with he following: Hot Chip, Chase & Status, Boys Noize, Wiley, Vybz Kartel, Damon Albarn and Diplo.  
1.  2 Left: Topic Of Discussion  (produced by Boys Noize)
2.  Get Wild ft Aidonia & Wiley  (produced by Boys Noize)
3.  iPod Generation  (produced by Kano)
4.  MAAD  (produced by Kano & Fraser T Smith)
5.  Spaceship  (produced by Chase & Status)
6.  Upside ft Michelle Breeze  (produced by Craigie Dodds)
7.  All + All Together ft Hot Chip  (produced by Hot Chip)
8.  Lady Killer ft Ghetts  (produced by Hot Chip)
9.  Bassment  (produced by A13)
10.  Crazy  (produced by Boys Noize)
11.  Slaves ft Why Why Peaches  (produced by Craigie Dodds)
12.  Jenga ft Vybz Kartel  (produced by Boys Noize & Diplo)
13.  Dark Days  (produced by Craigie Dodds)

Method To The Maadness will be released on 30th August and preceded by uplifting lead-single Upside ft Michelle Breeze, out 23rd August.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Scorcher - 'It's My Time'

Check out the brand new music video from UK rapper Scorcher for his single 'It's My Time'
The track is released August 29th.

NEW MUSIC: R Kelly ft Ludacris - 'Tongues' [DJ SKEE PREMIERE]

'Tongues' by R Kelly and Ludacris has just hit the internet and is meant to be on the Piped Piper's new album. Producer Bangladesh spoke to Rap-Up TV about the track in the video below. Check out what he had to say:

What do you think of the song?


SINGLE ARTWORK COVER: Janelle Monaé - 'Cold War'

Check out the artwork for Janelle Monaé's new single 'Cold War', which is taken from her debut album 'The Archandroid'.

'Cold War' is released August 30th in the UK. Her album was released in the UK on Monday so grab a copy!

Thanks TGJ

BEHIND THE SCENES: Ne-Yo's 'Champagne Life' & 'Beautiful Monster' [VIDEO]

Check out this quick behind the scenes video for Ne-Yo's forthcoming music videos of 'Beautiful Monster' and 'Champagne Life'.

To get a gist of what to expect from the storyline of each video, read our exclusive preview of Ne-Yo's forthcoming album, 'Libra Scale', from his album listening party he has last week in London.

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Usher - 'There Goes My Baby'

Check out the full video for Usher's 'There Goes My Baby'.

Another hot sexual video from Usher! Do you like it?

Spotted at TGJ

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Rick Ross ft John Legend - 'Sweet Life'

Yesterday we gave you the you can watch the full video for 'Sweet Life' by Rick Ross and John Legend, who also produced the track.

'Sweet Life' is lifted from Ross' mini album, 'The Albert Anastasia' which is something to tide the fans over till 'Teflon Don' is released.

NEWS: Oprah Winfrey's Life Story To Be Made Into A Film

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most famous and influential persons in the world, is having her life story turned into a film.

Larry A. Thompson, acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker, is basing his life story on Oprah on the recent biography, 'Oprah', written by investigative reporter and author, Kitty Kelley. 

"Oprah Winfrey's fascinating journey from rural Mississippi to the world stage is packed with simple truths and complicated personalities," said Larry Thompson.
"Kitty's extensively-researched book offers us the factual foundation to frame our cinematic portrait of this powerful and beloved Icon. Casting someone to play Oprah will be the real challenge. We are planning to audition both known and unknown actresses."
Apparently the pair are searching for a network to buy the film. No word as to how Oprah feels about the film being made yet.

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