Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Another Mag Bites The Dust - R.I.P Vibe Magazine

It's another sad day within the publishing and Hip Hop and RnB scene, one of the leading US Urban music magazines, Vibe Magazine, founded by Quincy Jones in 1993, shut its doors today after 16 years in the business.

The closure was announced today on Twitter, as is most gossip, before it was officially announced to the world, and both fellow journalists and bloggers both Stateside and over here in the UK expressed their sadness in the magazine's closure. Staff were not aware that the magazine would be shutting down until this afternoon.
The only magazine's now left in the US that cater to Hip Hop and RnB music are The Source and XXL. Not too sure how long either of these magazines will still be on newsstands in this current economic climate.

With the final Vibe cover featuring The Dream and his fiance Christina Milian partially naked, that will NOT be available to buy the editor-in-chief, Danyel Smith, gave this announcement:

"On behalf the VIBE CONTENT staff (the best in this business), it is with great sadness, and with heads held high, that we leave the building today. We were assigning and editing a Michael Jackson tribute issue when we got the news. It’s a tragic week in overall, but as the doors of VIBE Media Group close, on the eve of the magazine’s sixteenth anniversary, it’s a sad day for music, for hip hop in particular, and for the millions of readers and users who have loved and who continue to love the VIBE brand. We thank you, we have served you with joy, pride and excellence, and we will miss you. "
Danyel Smith
the former Chief Content Officer VIBE Media Group
& Editor in Chief, VIBE

With the closing of Vibe, journalists Stateside and especially over here in the UK are wondering what will happen to the exposure of 'Urban' artists and music. I for one will miss Vibe Magazine, I loved reading their latest issues especially on my flights from JFK back to London.

R.I.P Vibe Magazine


Play Dot Clothing

For those that do not know about Play Dot Clothing as they say 'GET TO KNOW'

I had the chance to sit down with one of labels founders Kwasi Boateng recently to find out how it all came together!

Who are the founders of Play Dot Clothing? Kwasi Boateng & Annan Johnathan.

When was the label established? December 2007

Describe your clothing in just three words? Fun, diverse & unique

What sets your label apart from others currently on the scene? The clours we tend to use are very vibrant and very eye catching. We also have a lengthy cap, t-shirt and jumper combination line and obviously our character logo.

What are your plans for the future? We are currently working on making our clothing a worldwide brand, similar to what New Era has done with their products. Coming from the UK we want to open more doors and reach out to influential figures who we can work alongside to take Play Dot to that next level. Until that time we will be extending new line which is called 'Skits' and just continuing to get the Play Dot name on as many lips as possible!

How can people contact you? Facebook- 'Play Dot Apparel' also 'www.myspace.com/playdotapparel'

Play Dot are definitely doing their thing, MAKE SURE YOU SUPPORT THE UK!!! Check out the links below more more info!

SocialWriters Are Loving......

As we're all still trying to get over the initial shock of MJ's death, SocialWriters want to share with you all our favourite Micheal Jackson songs that we love:

Karlito Starr

I think as much as I don't really have a favourite MJ track, and the album 'Bad' changed my life musically, I;d have to say 'Rock With You' is a stand out song in my life because I cant really describe that good feeling that comes over me just hearing the horns and violin intro. Seeing a pre-surgery Mike honestly enjoying what he was doing at the time (in the video) was a beautiful thing to see!
Also the fact that the song was released in 1979 before I was born just shows how good Micheal's music was because it never lost quality over the years so even kids born in years 2000+ can appreciate and love hos music too!


I've got loads of MJ songs that I love and just cant get enough of, but if I had to choose it would be 'Don't Stop Till You Get Enough'. When I hear this song in a club I have to dance, and I pull out some old school moves in 5 inch heels....I think it's the base in the beginning. There's just something about this song that makes me happy and want to dance every time I hear it. Also I love when Chris Tucker sings this song in 'Rush Hour', cracks me up every time I watch it!


'Bad' because the man moonwalking on skates in the video is SICK!!


'Dirty Diana'
Its rock type vibe is tenacious, its pulsating and J's vocals bring the track to life, you could almost paint the picture of this bad a** chick called Diana that's got all the guys going crazy for her. It also showcases Michael's versatility as an artist, shows that he can do the pop stuff, do it well, and switch it up and do rock as well.

Had to add in the video for 'Remember The Time' because the dance routine is serious.....If you can do the dance (like KCB can) you're BIG in the game!

Justin Timberlake launches William Rast at Selfridges

Justin Timberlake was in London yesterday to launch his new clothing range William Rast, with a fashion show at the Selfridges' flagship store in Oxford Street. 

The label consists of swedish designers Johan and Marcella Lindeberg, Justin's childhood best friend, Trace Ayala and of course Justin himself.

The brand has gained wide recognition since its debut at New York Fashion week last September and is held in very high regard by many fashion insiders.

Whilst fashion experts were mingling to the taste of Vitamin water and Ciroc vodka, Dizzee Rascal and singer/songwriter, V.V Brown were in the front row chatting away in good spirits.

The two came and left together, could this be the latest celebrity relationship on the horizon, if it is remember who told you first!


Monday, 29 June 2009

Drake Has Made His Decision

"Always knew that I could figure/How to get these label heads to offer them good figures" Drake - 'Ignant Shit'

And Drake was damn sure right about that! After the record label battle between Atlantic Records, Interscope and Universal, Drake has made his decision and decided to sign with Universal Motown, who seems to be offering him the most money.

The announcement which hasn't been made official yet, but was leaked on the net, sees the Canadian rapper/singer/actor under the same record company as his affiliates Lil' Wayne and Young Money.

At least the speculation has come to an end, but was it the right choice?
We all know Atlantic Records has got the best marketing department, hence why Hov has allowed their marketing department to market the 'Blueprint 3'

I'm looking forward to hearing Drake's debut album, hopefully sometime this year would be nice!

Rare 20p Coins Are Worth £50

In this credit crunch climate we're living in, this post may just come in handy for some extra cash......

The Royal Mint, who are the people who design our British coins, have accidentally released a batch of 20p coins that don't have the date featured on both sides of the coin. Between 50,000 and 200,000 of the coins were minted with a new 'tails' design on one side and the older 'heads' image on the other.

The Royal mint are offering £50, yes £50 which is £49.80 more than what you can buy with 20p (lol), to the first 10,000 people who register their rare 20p coins.

Nick Hart of the London Mint Office dealership said: "We believe this extremely rare error will certainly get the public looking at the coins in their pockets again and noticing the excellent new designs launched by the Royal Mint last year on our coinage."

People, get to looking in your pockets, purses, bags, sofa.....you could make a lot of money. I'm sure I had one of these coins the other day, but I spent it...oh well

Source: Digital Spy

NEW FLAVA: Death Of Autotune (Video)

D.O.A is causing a fracas in the music world, the track is BIG!

In his performance last night at the BET Awards in LA, during his performance he rapped, "Might send this to Drake and Weezy" - SNM

I managed to catch the premiere of the video last night (well early hours of this morning), and I can't stop talking about the song or video

The video may not be a big budget video, but it does the track justice!
What do you think of the video?

I cant wait for 11/09/09

BET Awards 2009

In what was rumoured to be a show in tribute of the great Michael Jackson, the BET Awards 2009 was boring.....very boring.....they should've let Chris Brown perform his MJ tribute, but they axed him lastmin.com.......

The night started off with a mediocre performance by New Edition, singing a medley of Jackson 5 hits, such as 'I Want You Back' and 'ABC'. Hosted by funny man Jamie Foxx, who opened the show donning a red leather jacket and sequined glove, Micheal Jackson style.

The host then moonwalked across the stage and had the crowd laughing throughout the show.

Keri Hilson channeled her inner Micheal Jackson by dressing up in clothing that resembled MJ's 'Bad' outfit in her performances of 'Turning Me Off' and 'Knock You Down'. She even tried to add a few MJ dance moves to her performance, which really didn't work. Ne-Yo gave a powerful rendition of Jackson's 'Lady In My Life', which was one of the best tributes to MJ given at the show.

Jamie Foxx, then gave his performance of his club hit, 'Blame It', featuring T-Pain and guest appearances from Snoop Dogg (who didn't rap, but 'Drop It Like It's Hot was mixed into 'Blame It'), and Travis Barker on the drums, who gave a great performance.

Queen Bey gave a sweet performance of 'Ave Maria' and 'Angel', but it was a shame that she didn't give a rendition of an MJ song - she would've given it the justice it deserved! Ciara sang MJ's 'Heal The World' donning some MJ clobber; she looked real good, but sounded bad "real bad, real bad Micheal Jackson".

Ne-Yo, once again, returned to the stage - oh did I forget to mention he was donning his bald head ALL night, no hats in any performance! - with a medley of his favourite stars, such as Keith Sweat, Guy and Bel Biv Devoe, which was a great performance.

Jay Z had everybody bopping away, and even had his wife Beyonce singing along to his new single, 'Death Of Autotune' - Great performance!

Ladies favourite Maxwell sang his new single, 'Pretty Wings' and hot newcomer, Drake, alongside with Lil' Wayne, Baby and Young Money, gave one of the most driest performances ever, particularly because Drake sat through the whole of his performance due to injuring his Achilles Heel.

Janet Jackson made an emotional appearance towards the end of the show, on the behalf of the Jackson family, which made everybody shed a tear, just to thank everybody for their support. Her emotions were a stark contrast to her fathers', Joe Jackson, who was also at the awards show, smiling, laughing and plugging his new record label, even though his son only died 3 days ago......

The finale of the show was performed by Ne-Yo (again) and Jamie Foxx with a duet of the Jackson 5 hit, 'I'll be There'.

The awards show was dire, and I know that BET only had 3 days to turn the whole show around with the news of Micheal Jackson's death, but they did okay, but could've done better.

Here's a list of all the winners on the night:

Best Male R&B Artist - Ne-Yo
Best Female R&B Artist - Beyonce
Best Group - Day 26
Best Gospel Artist - Mary Mary
Best Female Hip Hop Artist - M.I.A.
Best Male Hip Hop Artist - Lil Wayne
Best New Artist - Keri Hilson
Best Collaboration Jamie Foxx f/ T-Pain - Blame It
Viewer's Choice T.I. f/ Rihanna - Live Your Life
Video Director of the Year - Benny Boom
Video of the Year Beyonce - Single Ladies
Best Actress - Taraji P. Henson
Best Actor - Will Smith
Best Female Athlete - Serena Williams
Best Male Athlete - LeBron James
Centric Award - Jazmine Sullivan

Here's some performance, some of which I haven't mentioned

Thursday, 25 June 2009

R.I.P The King of Pop - Michael Jackson

Yes, it's true! Michael Jackson, aka the King of Pop, has died at the age of 50!!

Michael collapsed in his LA home after not being able to breathe properly, where paramedics had to perform CPR on him. He suffered a cardiac arrest where he slipped into a coma and died today, June 25th 2009. He was pronouced dead at 21:26PM GMT time.

TMZ.com was the first to report the moonwalker's death, but it wasn't confirmed by the Press Association till about an hour after.

Michael's 'This Is It!' Tour was meant to begin July 13th, which is in 2 weeks time, and he sadly didn't even get to do a least one last show in the 02. There was loads of speculation that he wasn't going to be able to do the shows due to his health, and this speculation has been confirmed by his death.

One of the most successful stars in the world, this outstanding, talented black man inspired and paved the way for a huge amount of musicians. We all grew up watching and listening to Michael, and it's going to be sad to know that he'll no longer be around.

There will NEVER be another Michael Jackson!! Nobody will EVER be able to take his place, he's made his place in history and his legacy will be remembered FOREVER!!!

Social Writer's condolences and prayers go out to the Jackson family! We still can't believe he's gone!!

God bless his soul, in Jesus name amen!

*R.I.P Farrah Fawcett too

New FLAVA : Jay 'Hard Swagger'

Have a look at the full video of 'Hard Swagger' from Jay.

With hot producer's in the likes of T2 and G Dubz behind him Jay has the potential to be an emerging talent in 2009.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

New FLAVA : Ciara Feat. Missy Elliot - Work

Take a long look at Ciara trying to put the 'work' in alongside Missy Elliot on her new video.

The way 'Fantasy Ride' is going, Ci Ci needs all the 'work' she can get for now.

Let us know your thoughts.

UK Mobile Number Directory

I understand 118 188 directory and Yellow Pages etc, but a mobile phone directory...

118 800 is the new mobile phone directory for UK mobile phone numbers. It allows people to get hold of somebody if they dont have the person's mobile number. 118 800 say they do not give out numbers, but simply connect people either through a phone call like 118 188, or by sending a text message to the person you want to talk to, giving them your contact details to call you back.

I think this directory is a breech of people's privacy! This means that somebody who you dont want to have your number can contact you, courtesy of this foolish directory. Next thing you know, you'll have stalkers on your line harrasing you!

You can make your number ex-directory if you visit 118 800's website, www.118800.co.uk, which I for one have done. I dont want some random person ringing me!!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Courthouse Deal

It is understood that a plea bargain has been made in the case Brown vs Fenty (Chris vs Rihanna)for the horrible attack on Rihanna in February.

As we all know Chris was charged with assault and could've faced up to four years in prison, but by pleading guilty he has gotten off lightly with a mere slap on the wrist. The 'Kiss Kiss' singer will have to complete five years of supervised probation and six months of community service. He must also have domestic abuse counselling and drop into court every three months. Not to forget he is now also a convicted felon.

He has also been ordered to stay 50 feet away from Rihanna for the next five years, except at public events where he must be 10 yards away from her. Rihanna has also supposedly been told not to contact Chris for five years.

I wonder if these two will ever rekindle their turbulent relationship?

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mary Seacole Memorial Statue

The design for the memorial statue of the Crimean war heroine, Mary Seacole has been chosen...

The sculpture will be placed in the grounds of St Thomas' Hospital in Central London, near Big Ben, towards the end of 2010 or early 2011. The statue will be a reminder of the 19th Century nurse.

Seacole, born in Jamaica, was voted the greatest Black Briton of all time in 2004. In 1894 she asked the War Office if she could be sent to Crimea to help the wounded soldiers. Her request was denied so she funded her own trip to Crimea where she cared for the injured and sick.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

MC Nobody is......SWAY

A few weeks ago we posted a video for the song 'Jerusalem' by MC Nobody, asking if anybody knew who MC Nobody was? (click here to read the blog post)
Now all has been revealed that MC Nobody is non other than, Sway.

*SHOCK* (Not!) It was quite easy to figure out that Sway was the balaclava-masked MC, but MC Nobody is not Sway's new alias or alter ego, as many people have started to assume. MC Nobody is actually a key character in the up-coming novel, 'Jerusalem' by acclaimed author, Patrick Neate.

Neate teamed up with Sway to create an innovative way to promote the book to a wider audience via cyberspace, and also to bring the character of 'MC Nobody' to life.

The book Jerusalem is an intricately woven tale of Englishness from many perspectives - young and old, black and white, urban and rural, British and African, past and present. Unfailingly relevant and politically astute, it is also a moving and witty take on contemporary identity that follows many of the themes of Neate's previous work. Indeed, several of the characters from Musungu Jim and the Whitbread winner, Twelve Bar Blues, reappear in Jerusalem.

The book Jerusalem is published by Penguin on the 2nd July 2009.

BROKEN HOME: Usher and Tameka

So Usher really did file for a divorce after all!

He has confirmed that he has been living apart from Tameka for nearly a year now, and Tameka has just been walking around, attending events like all was fine in the Raymond household, when it wasn't. Oh the denial.....

Tameka is said to be contesting the divorce, even though their divorce petition says that "there is no hope of reconciliation between them." Usher is seeking joint custody of his children.

The soon to be divorced couple are due at Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia on July 15th.

Well, I think everybody saw this coming a mile off. From the time your mum doesn't like your choice in who you marry, there's bound to be severe problems, especially when you're a 'mama's boy'!

Source: Digital Spy

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl

They say don't fix something if it isn't broken...well Beyonce definitely isn't breaking the formula of having another black and white video...it seems to have worked in the past, not too sure if it works for this video though.

What do you think?

Mimi Is Back!

Mrs Carey drops her new single, 'Obsessed', on radios today Stateside.....

'Obsessed' is the first single to be taken from her forthcoming 12th studio album, 'Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel', which is due to be released August 25th.

The single is written and produced by Mariah, The Dream and Tricky Stewart, but it's not all that when you first have a listen, but it'll grow on you after you listen a few more times. It'll definitely sell units!

I'm looking forward to the new album!

Image: Newscom.com

Monday, 15 June 2009

New Music From Jojo

Afternoon Social Writers family, i came across some new music from the very talented Jojo and i had to share it with you!

Haven't heard much from the pint-sized star for some time now, but she is definitely coming back with a vengence. Although she is currently going through some label issues, her third studio album 'All I Want Is Everything' is ready to be released.

'25 To Life' is a very infectious track with a briliant twist on the chorus. Hopefully Jojo can sort out her labels woes sooner rather than later...

Image via www.boston.com

Kanye directing Drake Video?

According to Fabolous, Kanye West is directing a music video for the man on everybody's lips, Drake.

The news broke about three hours ago on Fabolous' Twitter page. With Pastelle in the pipeline, Nike Air Yeezys selling out in stores, and the sneakers with Louis Vuitton, Kanye is definitely getting his entrepreneur on.

Could Ye’ be the next Hype Williams? What do you think?


Sunday, 14 June 2009

Westwood Crib Sessions - Tinchy Stryder

Have a look at Tim Westwood's interview with the man of the moment, Tinchy Stryder on Westwood's crib sessions.

Looks like nothing's changed with Tim, he is still acting a fool, but on a more positive note, Stryder speaks about his upcoming album 'Catch 22', which is due to hit the stores in August, his new found success, and the definition of the word we hear so often but don't understand, FLEE!


"If you aint got a pin...it's a facebook ting!"

There is yet another dance routine about to hit a rave near you..the Blackberry skank

Following on from the migraine skank, tribal man skank, jungle skank, head shoulders knees and toes, swine flu skank( the list is endless), the Blackberry skank even features that annoying sound you hear when you receive a email.

If you you're not on point with the latest skank, Miss London, the blackberry skank inventor will definitely show you how it's done.

Do you think these routine dances are getting out of hand? Let us know what you think?

p.s.Look out for the Eddie Cadi appearance in the video....


Friday, 12 June 2009

Cassie- Must Be Love Video

This is the remix featuring Diddy.

I've also included the Day 26 version which, was actually around first! Let us know what you think??? I know which one I perfer...

Dubplate Drama 3

Dubplate Drama returns to our screens soon. Peep the trailer for a taste of what's instore this time around!

Fashion Against AIDS

A host of stars have teamed up with H&M to promote and raise Aids awareness amoungst the young fashion concious.

Everyone from RiRi, Timbaland, Katy Perry, Cindy Lauper, Estelle, Tokyo Hotel and N.E.R.D to name a few are backing the campaign and have designed their own signature tees which are on sale now in all stores.

Head over to- http://www.hm.com/gb/#/faa2009/ for more info on the campaign.

25% of the sales price (£9.99) will be donated towards H.I.V/AIDS education and prevention worldwide. It's for a very worthy cause and the tees are cool, i copped the N.E.R.D one so let's support the cause people!

The Hangover

New movie 'The Hangover' is out tonight and has been billed as 'The funniest film of the year'. I've seen the trailer a few times now and it does look quite funny!

There's even a cameo from the legend that is Iron Mike Tyson (who has put on a few pounds lately).

Check out the trailer below and if you go and see it let us know what you thought.

Have Mercy For Madonna

Pop Queen Madonna has won her battle to adopt 4 year old Malawian Chifundo 'Mercy' James. Judge's in the country's supreme court ruled that the singer could now have custody of the four year after originally turning down her adoption request on the grounds that she had not been a resident in the country for long enough.

The multi-millionaire who has set up a charity which, feeds, educates and provides medical care for the countries orphans is said to be thrilled and preparing to move the child to New York to be with her other children- Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight, and three-year-old David.

I commend Madonna and the other Hollywood stars who want to make life better for some of these unprivileged child. I think the thing they should do now is look at kids in other thirdworld countries in the same situations instead of always going to the same places.

Image via Virginmedia.com

Tip to strip???

Time is of the essense is something T.I. couldn't agree with more, being as he has a lot of it on his side and what better way to spend his stint in jail than to bulk up for a bare all promotional picture for a PETA campaign.

In support of PETA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur", the Atlanta rapper has been approached by campaign officials to strip and reveal all like the day he was born after he is released from jail. News of PETA's interest in the currently incarserated rapper was published today on Giantmagazine.com and according to them:

"We're asking T.I. to use his fame and experiences to bare the truth about the fur industry by baring his skin" PETA executive Vice President Tracy Reiman stated.

It is thought that due to his affiliation with previous PETA campaign advocate and ex-convict, Martha Stewart, is how they came to approach him. T.I. has been trying to polish up his act of late and has even been involved in some community service, but the question is 'how polished is he willing to get?

Though Tip may have some thinking to do, speaking on behalf of all the ladies across the globe, we say....DO IT!

Source: Giant Magazine.com

Pleasure P Album Review

The former Pretty Ricky frontman goes it alone with his first solo effort 'The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper'.

After leaving Pretty Ricky due to creative and management issues Pleasure releases a stellar 12 track disc that will please his old fans and draw in some new one's. The material is definitely geared towards a more mature audience but does not alienate.

His first two singles 'Did You Wrong' & 'Boyfriend #2' got a lot of exposure in the U.S but did not get a lot of play over here.

Tracks like 'Under' (my personal stand-out track), 'Gotta Have You' & 'Birthday suit' will keep the slow jam lovers happy, whilst the Yung Joc assisted 'I'm a beast' and the excellent 'Your Love' which uses a sample from Cheryl Lynn's 1983 soul classic 'Encore' will definitely 'get a party started' as they say.

Much like Slim (of 112) and Lloyd, Pleasure has a very distinctive vocal tone, but he does display a varied singing range throughout the LP without straying far from his RnB with a pop appeal style.

With his homeboy Sexy Spec' prancing around in red Y fronts these days in internet videos it looks like Pleasure may have made the right move. Although the album won't change the world it's definitely worth a listen and more than good start.

There's no official UK release date yet but the album is available on import and online.

Run's House Returns And Ray J Continues To Look For Love!

The Simmons family will be returning to our screens soon for the 6th series of Run's House. I'm so happy as this is one of my favourite shows, plus Angela & Vanessa aren't too bad on the eye either. Not sure when the show will premiere on UK MTV but we will keep you posted.

For those that don't know Ray J aka Brandy's lil' brother had a show called 'For The Love Of Ray J' which was along the lines of 'Flavor Of Love' and 'I Love New York' where a bunch of crazy females would compete for his affections on a weekly basis until only one was left.

Well, much like Flavor Flav and New York aka Tiffany, Ray J was unable to find love on his first series so he's planning another!

Hopefully the show will make it to UK shores sometime this year, from all accounts it was very saucy, explosive and entertaining.

NEW FLAVA: Rich Girl

Introducing Audra, Brave, Lyndriette and Seven as the new US girl group Rich Girl.

With Rich Harrison as the mastermind behind them, the man also responsble for Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love' and Amerie's 'One Thing', Rich Girl could quite possibly be a quadruplet force to be reckoned with in 'girl band land'.

check them out and tell us what you think?


UPDATE: Usher & Tameka - Did They Really File For A Divorce?

Today swirling around the Internet is the story that there are no divorce papers being filed by the Raymond's......

It was only yesterday that we told you that there was a rumour going around that the couple were heading for a divorce, but there are sources coming out that state otherwise.

According to singersroom.com, Atlanta Journal Constitution went to Fulton County Court to look for the divorce papers and they came back empty handed. There were no papers or signatures that were related to divorce proceeding.

Even though there's no sign of any divorce papers, it still doesn't rule out that the two are indeed separated, as it has been said that Tameka hasn't spoken to Usher in "days".

Freddyo.com has some reasons why Usher hasn't been wearing his wedding ring of lately:

"He does not wear his ring because it was lost while he was on tour - those are the facts.He does not wear his ring because it was lost while he was on tour - those are the facts."

This may be true, but I'm hearing that this Freddy dude is Tameka's friend.....SNM

I can't help but wonder, for a man so rich, why didn't he insure his wedding ring? He can buy brand new cars but he can't buy himself another wedding ring?


Return Of The Mack, Well... Kinda!

Come on, you know you want to sing it... (Pinch your nose...) "RETURN OF THE MACK, RETURN OF THE MACK.... BUT I DO, BUT I DO DO DO"...

After disappearing off the face of the earth Mark Morrison is back, but for all the wrong reasons!

Mr. Morrison was arrested on Monday 8th June for GBH on an unidentified male. He was taken to a local police station where he was charged and bailed to return at a later date.

Could this be the platform he needs to stage a return??? Time will tell.

I personally think this was Marks' best song and I'm not ashamed to admit it! ;o)


Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ronaldo to Real for £80 Milli?

I told you it's gonna be a busy footballing summer!

Manchester United have accepted an £80 million bid for Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. Ronaldo has been playing kiss chase with Real for the last three summers and it now looks like he's going to get the move he has always secretly craved for.

It was only May when he said he wanted to stay at Man U, but I guess the Champions League loss to Barcelona was to be his last game in a Manchester United shirt!

By the looks of things Real Madrid are planning on regaining their dominance over the La Liga and world football by building the 'Galacticos' 1.0. With Kaka already acquired, Ronaldo on the way and rumours of David Villa from Valencia and Frank Ribbery from Bayern Munich also on their summer shopping list Real could most definitely be a force to be reckoned with next season!

I guess the recession doesn't exist in the footballing world.

Chris Brown & Rihanna - All Will Go Down In Court

There's a showdown about to happen people!

The Bajan princess Rihanna will have to testify against her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown in court.

As I'm sure you all remember, Rihanna was allegedly attacked by Chris in February, (we all saw the picture of her battered face), now the two will go head to head in court June 22nd, after he pleaded not guilty.

Rihanna's lawyer has said that if the preliminary hearing goes ahead, RiRi will have to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

I for one want to see her testify against Chris in court...I, like most people, want to know exactly went down that night! I'm sure there's a whole lot more to the story than what has been told.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I Hate To Say I Told You So...

Oooooooh... I saw something yesterday but i didn't want to believe it. Then today I saw a lil' bit more and it's not looking good for Ush & Tameka.

It's rumoured that the couple have seperated and Usher will file for divorce within days. Ursh' was also sited out and about town with another woman without his wedding ring so, it's not looking good for the couple!

*Ushers reps later confirmed that the mystery woman was a product manager for Def Jam records who is working with one of Ushers artists.

I honestly hope this is just media propaganda, it would be a shame for another celebrity couple to hit splitsville.


More info is continuing to leak about Ushers marital status! Various media sources in the U.S have been trying to get information from the courthouse where divorce papers were 'supposedly' filed but have been told no such papers exist.

It's also been said that the couple have been seperated for over a year now but are on amicable terms for the well being of their two children.

The plot thickens....

Another Rapper Hits The Big Screen

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em is the next 'rapper' to try out some acting.....

If you couldn't be bothered to watch the Chelsea Lately clip in the post below, Mr Turn My Swag On let us know what he's got in the pipeline...
The tipex-sunglasses wearer shall be gracing the big screen with two films, which will both be directed by Nick Cannon. Who would've guessed?

He's let out no more info about these two films so watch this space!

Image via woooha.com

Soulja Boy on Chelsea Lately Show

Take a look at good ol' Soulja Boy on the Chelsea Lately show.

Whether you like Soulja Boy or not you can't deny the fact he has come a long way from that first video with that huge white tee that looked like it could fit him, his friends and all his Youtube followers and still have some space!


Diversity Before They Won BGT

Four years before Britains Got Talent (BGT), Diversity were known as Swift Moves and took part in four battles at The Jump Off.

The Jump Off is a hip hop show which includes, rap battles, fashion shows, live performances and dance battles.

With a record of Won 2/Lost 2 here is a compilation of their best bits.

There is no Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden or Piers Morgan at the Jump Off, no red buzzers can stop you and there's no Ant n Dec to cushion you afterwards. The Jump Off is nutorious for it's tough, judgemental crowd and many pristine Judges have left saying "If you can perform at Jump Off, you can perform anywhere".

Hosted by Rap6 and Kymberlee Jay, Judges on the nights Diversity/Swift Moves battled included:Guru, Pretty Ricky, Inspectah Deck (Wu Tang), Jazzie B and Terri Walker

Kaka Joins Real Madrid In World Record £56,000,000 Move

Brazilian football star Kaka has joined Real Madrid from AC Milan for a whopping £56 million Euro's on a six year contract.

Kaka will be paid more than £8 million a year, consolidating his position as the world's best-remunerated footballer.

Kaka, who will now be at the forefront of a new era of Galacticos, will inherit the No. 5 shirt once worn by Zinedine Zidane. Before this deal was done it was the Frenchman's transfer record from Juventus to Real of £47 million, from 2001, that has now been broken.

On his transfer Kaka said-

"Real Madrid intend to build a great team, with historic players such as Raul and Casillas. We will make history again, both in Spain and Europe. I guess the sport project is very good.

"Manchester City and Real Madrid are two different clubs with different situations. At that time (January), it was mid-season, I had a strong emotional impact due to the Italian fans requesting me to stay, and I decided to stay.

"Now another chance came up and AC Milan is in a big crisis (financially). For me, the sporting project (at Madrid) is interesting and will be an important boost to continue my career in the highest level."

I think it's amazing that in our current economic crisis deals like this can still be done!

The football transfer window opens officially on the 1st of July and I have the feeling it's going to be a very busy summer for many clubs with players going in and out to new pastures. Hopefully Arsenal can make some good additions to the current squad and get us back where we belong amoungst the fotballing worlds elite.


Poppa Knowles Don't Play!

Word around blogland is that Poppa Knowles is not happy that ex DC member, Letoya Luckett, is scheduled to perform at the BET Awards and he is threatening to pull Bey' from the line-up if she isn't dropped!

C'mon on people, can't we all just get along??? We're talking about something that happened over nearly ten years ago now. I would love to see the original line-up of DC girls grace the stage together one day.

Looks like nobody is gonna steal Daddy's cash cow... I mean, Daddy's little girls' spotlight! The awards take place on Sunday June 28th in the U.S and should follow here on BET UK shortly after. Make sure you tune in to the show to find out what happens.

Image via blog.newsok.com

For All The Sneaker Freaks

For those of you that do not know, I am a complete and utter sneaker, (trainers to us in the UK), freak!!

I saw these over at Kanyeuniversity.com and I had to share them with you all. Hopefully these will be easier to get a hold of than the Air Yeezy's (KCB i'm still waiting for the hook up???)

What do you think of them???

New Amerie Video

My future baby momma is back with a new single 'Why R U'

“Why R U” is the first track from her forthcoming debut Def Jam album, 'In Love & War'.

As much as I love Amerie both musically and visually, I hope she experiments with some new sounds and producers on this album as it seems like she is thinking 'if it isn't broke don't fix it' with her sound!

I'm feeling generous today so i've also included an Amerie flashback vid, Enjoy.

Find more videos like this on The Celebrity Network

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

BNP Leader Pelted With Eggs (What A Shame)

BNP leader Nick Griffin was pelted with eggs and forced to abandon a press conference outside Parliament today in London.

Click on the link to see video footage


Image via Mirror.co.uk

Trey Songz Got A Big 'Ego' (apparently)

I'm absolutely loving this remix! I would say this is my new anthem but i don't like to brag...

Mr Songz has been displaying some rapping skills for a while as well. Looks like Drake isn't the only multi-talented artist in the industry. Let us know what you think???

This version is a wee bit explicit.

Image via Concreteloop.com

What do you say when you see Lil Wayne...."Are you my daddy?"

No seriously, if you ever by chance happen to bump into the shrimp size rapper and are surprised to see him surrounded by children...don't be!
Along side Lauren London, it is rumoured that Weezy has added another celebrity 'Baby Mamma' to his camp, singer, Nivea!

I guess having one woman pregnant with his child at any one time is just not enough for Wayne. The news of The Dream's ex boo's speculated pregnancy was posted today on Nicole Bitchie.com and though it has not yet been confirmed...this whole "is it or is it not a rumour?" bares resemblance to the Weezy and London saga, when news broke that she was carrying his child...need I say anymore?

If it is proven to be true,I guess Wayne will not stop until he "F**** every girl in the world"...Ladies take this as a word of warning!

Image: AllTheParties.com


NEW TECH: The New iPhone 3G s

We know London has become inundated with the number of Blackberrys around but have a look at the new iPhone 3G s. Although there isnt a confirmed date as to when it will hit the UK you can be sure that the new iPhone will be a hit.


The Cleveland Show Trailer

Here's one for you Family Guy lovers out there.

The Cleveland Show is a half-hour animated series that follows everyones favorite soft-spoken neighbor, Cleveland Brown, as he settles down in Virginia with his high school sweetheart and her unruly kids.

Will this be as good as Family Guy? With no Stewie Grewin it might be difficult for lovers of FG to be pulled into Cleveland and his antics but we shall wait and see.


On The Rise - J2K

East London Grime MC, J2k, is finally putting himself out into the music world properly....

This July, the Roll Deep member will be putting out his solo LP 'Wake Up'. The lead single is called 'Danger', which is quite an infectious song, which looks tips to be a big hit!

Check out the trailer to the track below

Jay-Z brings out T-Pain at Hot 97 Summer Jam

Now considering the title of this song is 'Death Of Autotune (D.O.A.)'
T-Pain coming out whilst Jay performs seems to be a bit of a contradiction but who are we to judge!

Either way it's a hot performance and looks like it was a really good show.

No more T-Pain posts for today! Lol



T-Pain Got A Big A** Chain!!!

Over the Hot 97 Summer Jam weekend Rapper ternt Sanger T-Pain thought the show would be a good opportunity to showcase his newest BLING!!!

According to T-Pain, The chain is 10lbs, 197 karats and cost a mere $410,000?!?!?

The story broke over at necolebitchie.com and she posted a few people's Twitter reactions-

leojeanette: What in the recession hell! He’s wearing my student loans around his neck…WELL OBVIOUSLY Mr.Pain dosnt need my $ or support…his next album is gona start with a Lime and end with a WIRE!

exclusivej: Yall broke ass n*ggas need to stop hatin on my big homie, and yes his “Mansion” is paid for…all 2.6 Mill…everything is taken cared of over here…His kids school cost more then yall hater’s college degree…COME ON SOMEBODY!!!

T-Pain responded by Twitting-

..Let’s celebrate the fact a black man can have things like this and still care for 3 kids and wife in a $6 million house with 32 cars. Oldest child 5 and already got 4 million in her own account. I don’t do dumb sh*t like this till I know the fams good. so don’t judge me from what I buy. Judge me from what I do. Cuz it’s so many artists that put themself before their family.

I don't know about you but i kinda like it in a weird way! What do you think of T-Pain's "BIG A** CHAIN"???

Image via Necolebitchie.com

Monday, 8 June 2009

Black Music Month

June is Black Music Month, for those of you that don't know.

One of the greatest record labels for black music is Atlantic Records. In honour of Black Music Month, have a look at what some of the artists on Atlanic Records had to say.

Atlantic IS black music!

Buffie The Body in London

Video model Buffie The Body has been partying it up in London this week. The model who is most noted for her appearance in Tony Yayo's 'So Seductive' video was in London to promote the launch of Candy magazine.

Props to Mekz Graphix for the Images www.mekx.co.uk (Coming Soon)

What Is This World Coming To?

The BNP (British National Party) have won their first seat in the European Parliament......

The poll in Yorkshire and Humber was won by the Conservatives, but the BNP managed to gain enough votes to win a seat, after winning more than 120,139 in the Yorkshire area.

This is the same party that are racists, and yet some people still vote for them??!! It has been said that some Sikh's voted for the BNP. Does somebody care to give me an explanation as to why, after they don't even want you in 'their' country! SMH!! I don't believe any explanation would even be valid! Are you people off your rockers or what?? What is this world seriously coming to?

Those 120,139 people wasted their votes, while how many other thousands of people didn't even bother to vote. If the citizens of this country don't use their right to vote, who knows what will happen in politics in the future!


Friday, 5 June 2009

Jay-Z And Drake Team Up

If you didn't already know, Jay and Drake have been in the studio together working on each others' projects........

Jay's first radio single will be called 'Off That' and will feature Drake, which will be out sometime in July. This was released today on Twitter.

The album, 'Blueprint 3', is rumoured to be released September 11th, the eighth year anniversary of 'The Blueprint', and also 9/11. Kanye West has been confirmed as the producer of the album.

Image: OGhip.com


Nemesis & Arrogance ‘Da Real Sho’ Launch Party

Taking place at the Carhartt Warehouse in Hackney [18 Ellingfort Rd, Hackney, E8 3PA] next week Thursday 11th June between 18:00pm – 21:30pm.

The night will showcase music from the mixtape with performances from some of those featured:

Nemesis & Arrogance
Mr Ti2bs
F.L.I.P [Supar Novar / Big Ben / Rapper Ragz]
Sugar Dzl
Twin Blu Tac
Starry Dayz

Plus very very special guests

All backed by the incredible live Hip Hop band Lazy Habits!!!!


Charlee Brown

Plus FREE comp drinks courtesy of Meantime Brewery.

So feel free to pass down and shake some leg!

Da Real Show mixtape is out now and features: Sincere / Wretch 32 / Faith SFX / Bashy / Mr Drastick / Skinnyman & others...

To buy the mixtape click here

Do You Know Who MC Nobody Is???

A friend of mine sent me a press release this morning for one of the most unusual artists you'll ever come across!

Introducing MC Nobody with his track 'Jerusalem'. Using a sample from William Blake's classic poem and putting it on a funky elektro beat this is a bare knuckle tale of poverty, unemployment and the everyday life struggles for those in the inner cities.

The track has been creating a buzz latley and now there are visuals to accompany the song. In this video MC Nobody and his crew kidnap the Queen and take her on a tour around London that only the other half see. Beginning to end, this video will have you in stitches as the Queen shops in Somerfields, has a pint down the pub, rides the London Underground, chills with the crew and watches the Eastenders omnibus.

The concept for the video is excellent and will definitely having you laughing out loud especially when the Queen takes pictures with the Somerfield employees.

A load of different names have been thrown in to the pot as to who is behind the balaclava including- Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, Ty, Pyrelli and Sway!

For all those true music heads out there it shouldn't be hard to work it out. Although there is not much information to accompany the artist and song I have a feeling this is just the beginning!

Make sure you check out the video and let us know who you think the masked man is???


Shout out to Michelle A.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Jay-Z Teams Up With Atlantic

Yesterday I told you how Jay is thinking about inking a deal with Atlantic in regards to his own record label. Today I have new news on another matter with Jay and Atlantic:

Jay-Z will be releasing his up-coming album, Blueprint 3, on Roc Nation, but with the marketing and promotional help from Atlantic Records.

The news broke out yesterday on Twitter. Click here to read more

Ignorance Is Bliss

There's an article on Bashy in the Metro paper today, which is great exposure for him and for the UK 'urban' music scene. However, one of the questions asked clearly stands out as ignorant:

Is music a way out for young black people now, like boxing used to be?
There are so many more opportunities out there now for black people, we just need to take them. It’s not like 40 years ago when my mum and dad were growing up. In saying that, there are always going to be people who fall through the cracks.

Click here to read the full interview

I'm sorry to say but the journalist, James Day, seems very ignorant! In this day and age, how can you ask such a question!
Is James Day trying to say that black people are only good at music and boxing?
The question suggests that black people need to escape because they live a life of hardship, which is just a stereotype.

After a wave of complaints, the features editor Kieran Meeke, sent this email to an editor at The Voice newspaper, after a letter of complaint:

"Thank you for your email and my apologies if you found the question offensive.

It was asked as a short-hand way of raising exactly the questions you ask. The 60secs format is very tight and every word is at a premium. I think you read far too much into very few words.
Surely it is undeniable that employment opportunities for black teenagers have been - and are - limited? Watching Britain's Got Talent, it was great to see dance acts Diversity and Flawless doing so well. But seeing that, for example, you can't help but ask why we see so many black faces in music or sport but still so few in, for example, the law, politics, the City, or, indeed journalism.

Bashy certainly didn't find the question offensive - it fact, it was the one he was most enthusiastic about answering as that was part of the reason we were interviewing him - and took it to heart, providing a long answer - which we sadly didn't have room to include fully - detailing how his parent's generation struggled to find the opportunities that are only now opening up to his. It is part of the art of interviewing to give questions that provide the subject an opening to give an interesting answer and Bashy has been working hard to encourage all teenagers - not just black ones - to chase their dreams.

I find that this question is now the subject of a chain complaint - some from people who obviously have not read the entire interview. I find it sad that when Metro interviews someone such as Bashy, the reaction is so negative, with, frankly, the 'racism' card being waved so readily. The only possible outcome will be to make minority subject even less likely to be interviewed by our team wary of facing such accusations over seemingly innocent questions.
I considered this a positive interview with a positive role mode. So did Bashy's team - who have just called to thank me for it and ask me and James Day out to lunch. "

Are some of us reading into the question too much as Kieran has suggested?
Perhaps a re-wording of the question would've been better?


The Metro have now taken down the article from their website. This is in a way negative for Bashy, but at the same time positive that people views are being heard.

I wonder if they will print an apology note in tomorrow's edition??

NEW FLAVA: Chipmunk - 'Diamond Rings'

New Sony signed artist, Chipmunk shows us his, (dare I use this term), bling in his new video for his new single, 'Diamond Rings'.

The video has a dance feature from Britain's Got Talent finalist, Flawless

The lady singing in the video is called Emilie Sande. She's got quite a good voice!

'Diamond Rings' is out July 6th

New FLAVA : Kanye West - Paranoid (RiRi in Video)

Should Ye have released this video off of 808s & Heartbreak? And furthermore what do you think of RiRi in the video, let us at know!


Britains Got Talent judge, Piers Morgan believes that dance group Flawless should've won BGT:

Morgan told the Daily Mail:

"I think Flawless were unlucky to have gone on first. If they had gone last it may have been different.
'They're both amazing dance groups. Diversity were just very lucky.'

I wonder how Diversity are feeling after hearing this? Do Simon and Amanda believe the same thing?

I can't help but agree with Piers. If Flawless had gone on last, would they have won?


Atlantic Records Are Going Hard

WMG/Atlantic records seem to have been planning intensively recently......I knew something big was going to go down soon with Atlantic, because my sources told me, but DAMN!!! Never thought it'd be this BIG!!

The man on the tip of everyone's tongue, Drake, looks like he'll be signing with Atlantic Records. There's a huge bidding war going on at the moment to sign Drake, as he's the hottest thing out right now. People think that Drake is signed to Young Money just because of his affiliations with Lil' Wayne, but this is not the case. Atlantic Records seem to be the forefront winners as they'll most likely put his album out by the end of this year, and are also looking for the next big thing since their golden boy, T.I. is incarcerated.

The Jigga Man looks set to ink a deal to have his own record label under WMG/Atlantic Records with Atlantic's Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles, his two buddies that were with him at Def Jam when he reigned. If this happens it would make him one of the richest and most powerful men in the music industry. Don't forget he still has his Live Nation deal.

You gotta love Jay Z....he's one hell of a business man, not forgetting to mention he's got the lovely Beyonce as a wife!

Images: Muscianstool and Shushyne

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bashy Album Review

We told you twice to make sure you go out and get Bashy's new album 'Catch Me If You Can' and if you haven't, I'm going to give you some reasons to!

Bashy definitely put a lot of creative thought into making this album and it shows from beginning to end.

Before Before is the kind of track that will have you saying "Oh yeah, I remember that" throughout. A nostalgic walk down memory lane reminiscing about TV shows, computer games and sweets! Told in his own entertaining and animated way this is definitely one for the lyric conscious.

Change, which we at SocialWriters feel is the stand out track on the album, is a very honest and heartfelt account of Bashy's life to date. On the track he touches on very sensitive issues around growing up, being a role model and forgiving people for their mistakes. Much like Kidulthood to Adulthood and Black Boys, (both bonus tracks). Change shows Bashy's continued musical growth.

Ransom ft. Wretch 32 and Scorcher is destined to be a classic UK hip hop/Grime record. I think it was a very smart move to have two artists, who I feel are the next to blow, on the same track. All three go back and forth through this inner city tale about wealth, jealousy and flossin'. (Check out our archives for the vid too!)

We Can Do Anything ft. Loick Essien & Jamelia is an extremely inspirational song which is definitely needed these days. Bash' enlisted Loick Essien who has featured on tracks with Chipmunk and Sway and the lovely Jamelia, who still sounds as good as ever, to let people know they can achieve anything they want if they're willing to work for it! A very fitting song for our current economic crisis.

After listening to the album we at Socialwriters think Your Wish Is My Command should be the second single to follow up Who Wants To Be A Millionaire .

Overall Bashy has put out a 17 track CD which is reflective, thought provoking and very well produced . Through his experimentation with different sounds, this album will appeal to a wider audience and get him some much deserved mainstream exposure. The North West London resident has managed to find the right balance of mid tempo and upbeat tracks just in time for people to adopt his disc as their soundtrack to the summer.

Bashy I salute you Sir.


Available to buy at HMV, Amazon.co.uk, iTunes, Play.com and UK Record Shop
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