Tuesday, 29 June 2010

SPOTTED: Naomi Campbell's Bald Spot

Supermodel Naomi Campbell's hair is not in super condition.

Last year she was spotted with a receding hairline due to all the years of wearing weaves, now her hair condition has got worse. Yesterday during a luxurious photoshoot, the model was spotted with visible bald patches!

Sooner or later Naomi will go completely bald - we suggest she does an 'Amber Rose' and call it a day!

Women please take note, give your hair a break from all the weaves and hair extentions, otherwise you could end up looking like Naomi!


  1. its so true! i only wore braids between 11 and 17 and my hair has really suffered my hairline is receded and i hate it. trying what i can to get it back :(

  2. She's still very beautiful despite being bald. Well, she could always opt to wear wigs, like lace wigs and motown tress wigs. Thanks for the interesting thoughts!


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