Saturday, 9 May 2009

Swine Flu Has Turnt Funky

Okay, so I know there's a Funky House craze going on in the UK now.....but really, do we need to make up a dance and/or song for everything? It's turning into Bashment slowly.

Swine Flu now has it's own dance and song!!! (Can you believe it?)

The 'Swine Flu Skank', which is supported by UK PR company, Uproar UK, tries to relay the swine flu slogan: "Catch it....Bin it....Kill it". This is a good little marketing tool, but it's not my cuppa tea at all....although some may find it comical.

However, it has 2 positive points:
1. It's educating people in a fun way
2. It's produced by Flamin' Beatz....quite a good producer of Grime music

Check the video....let me know if you'll be doing this dance in a club.

Will this dance catch on?



  1. Once the Swine Flu is will this dance!

  2. Love the guy dancing on the stairs....make it funky for me!

  3. so funny! shame more marketing isnt like this!

  4. Yes I agree....great marketing


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