Monday, 28 June 2010

NEWS: 50 Cent & Diddy Beef

So it seems the two rappers/businessmen are in some kind of beef, which 50 Cent started last week whilst performing in Boston. Peep what Fiddy had to say about Diddy:

How many of y’all are f–kin with Puffy? Hello. Good M’oning. F–k that n–a."

50 also went on to say the following during a radio interview in Connecticut:  

"[Diddy's] not an artist. An artist would be somebody that actually wrote something…when that’s not there because they’re being an executive, saying you don’t write rhymes you write checks, that’s not hot. For hip-hop, that’s not hot..."

Of course Diddy would have something to say about 50's recent comments, so whilst at the BET Awards post-party Diddy indirectly had something to say to Fiddy:

 I love my people lets stop the hate, congratulate, hate is for suckas. if you hatin’, then you’se a sucka, you’re ashy and your breath stink. And you know who I’m talking to, you hatin’ ass crab."

"Hatin' ass crab" - another new phrase to add to your vocabulary!

Let's see if 50 Cent responds anytime soon..... 

Thanks Miss Info

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  1. diddy scared to say 50 name directly,cuz 50 would knock his fucking teeth out his mouth when he ran into him and he would eventually run into him and diddy knows 50 would beat the living shit out of him thats why he didnt say his name now he'll say he was talkin bout someone else pussy ass nigga. fuck diddy. 50 go hard. fuck ross 2 pussy ass police.


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