Thursday, 30 April 2009


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is the first single to be lifted off of Bashy's up-coming album, Catch Me If You Can. The single is out 25th May, so make sure you support Bashy and the UK movement. I know I will be !

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sugarbabes Throwing Up The ROC???

Word has it that the gorgeous Sugarbabes have inked a US deal with Jay-Z's Rocafella Records!
It's been reported that the deal was done some time last month and although the girls will still be signed to their Island Records deal in the UK they will be heading of to the land of the stars & stripes to work with a new team who will help launch the Sugarbabe brand Stateside.
I personally think this is a really positive move for the girls as there isn't really any groups like them in America and they will definitely stand out in a very large market. Unlike some groups all three ladies sound good live and will bring a very Europeon style and petite beauty to an audience who may not already know about them.
Everybody at The Social Writers wish the girls all the best in their new venture!
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Monday, 27 April 2009


A big massive congratulations is due to Tinchy Stryder for reaching #1 in the charts, with his new single perfectly titled, 'Number 1'. 'Number 1', featuring N Dubz, was #1 in the mid-week charts last week, and managed to stay #1 till the rest of this week.

It's been a long time coming for this 'prince of Grime'. I can still remember the days of him 'spitting' on pirate radio stations, and performing at Palace Pavillion at the tender young age of 13, wearing a white boiler suit "Stryder man,watch out Styderman/No attention seeker man/ You cant see me man/Keep it ninja man, keep it ninja man".....ahhh the good old days of Grime!

Tinchy is currently on the N Dubz tour, Uncle B. Go buy the single and support the UK movement!

Got nothing but love and well wishes for Tinchy!

Images: PR and KCB

Sunday, 26 April 2009


Okay, so we had mad-cow disease and foot and mouth, bird flu now this:

According to ITN, 8 school children in NY have ben infected and 2 people from Scotland, with flu-like symptoms are being monitored for the virus. 80 people in Mexico alone have died from the virus.

CTV claims that you cannot catch Swine Flu from eating pork or pork products, people normally only transmit the virus from direct contact with pigs, but this sudden outbreak of the virus is worrying because the infected were not in direct contact with any pigs!

I'm not amused! I'll be in NY in a matter of weeks and now am put off eating ribs at some of my favourite restaurants.

Whatever next!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Night Out On The Town

Press officer extrodinaire Tappy, from Atlantic Records invited me to her client Ironik's single launch party for 'Tiny Dancer' on Wednesday at Crystal. All I have to say is, what a night!

The place was packed with fans, media and other 'celebs' such as footballer John Carew, model Naomi Millbank, love-rat Harvey and Skepta. The has-been TQ decided to let everybody know he was in the building by grabbing the mic and inviting people to his video shoot happening next week, and by spinning some of his past hits, Westside and Bye Bye Baby.

Man of the night Ironik, performed some of his singles so far, and with MC Chipmunk performed the new single Tiny Dancer, who is also on the track which samples Elton John's classic hit.

Good night indeed!


Monday, 20 April 2009

NEW FLAVA: The Clipse ft Kanye

"I'm your Pusha" and his brother Malice are back, this time with the Louis Vuitton Don, Kanye West, with the track, 'Kinda Of A Big Deal'.

Click here to listen to the track and/or to download it.

Are you feeling this track?

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Friday, 17 April 2009

England's "Cultural First Eleven"

Sportswear brand Umbro and Vice Magazine have put together a team of eleven up-and-coming creative talents in music, known as the 'Cultural First Eleven'. The team was created to celebrate the way Football has shaped the English culture.

To celebrate the release of the new England football kit, which for the first time ever has been designed by a Saville Row tailor,'Cultural First Eleven' had their very own kits made for them. (Image above)

Tottenham's very own chippy MC aka Chipmunk is part of the eleven, as well female DJ/producer/rapper Goldierocks, (not to confuse her with Goldielocks), who is hot on the UK scene right now.

What do you think of their kit?

Images courtesy from Exposure

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day 26 Second Time Round

Forever In A Day is Day 26's sophomore album, and I've listened to a few tracks and the album is looking pretty good!

Released today, mainly Stateside, the Making The Band 4 guys, Mike, Brian, Willie, Que and Robert have tried to create an album full of club bangers, which they seem to believe was missing in their debut self-titled album, Day 26.

There hasn't been a good RnB male group for ages, I think B2K was probably the last, but Day 26, admist rumours that Que is crazy and needs to leave the band, seem to have the fans on lock.

There's no official release date for Forever In A Day for the suprise there, so buy it on iTunes! Support the's Bad Boy!

Here's the video for the first single off the album, I'mma Put It On Her

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Cassie Has Lost Her Mind!!!

As you can see from the above pic singer Cassie has opted for a new hairstyle! I am actually speechless... What do you think???

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Friday, 10 April 2009

Goodbye Dear Friend

Here are the covers for the final King Magazine which will be out later this month. The first cover features rapper Joe Buddens' missus Tahiry whilst the other features Keyshia Cole.

Make sure you pick both up as they will be collectors items one day!

Thank you for the *good times*

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And You Thought MJ Was Broke!

Word has it that Michael Jackson has reportedly put down a £1,000,000 deposit on a swanky Lodon pad for when he starts his 50-date farewell performances at the O2 Arena in July.

The South East Lndon pad boasts (wait for it...)- nearly 30 bedrooms, an underground cinema, swimming pool and a private lake and wood!

Looks like MJ is doing alright contrary to the rumours that have been flying around for a while.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

NEW FLAVA: Young Money

Just like i promised a few months back here is the new video for Young Money's 'Every Girl'.

No word on the album just yet though...


Tuesday, 7 April 2009


For those of you who believed Bashy really did get beaten was just a PR stunt. The image of Bashy's cut face was for his new music video 'Ransom' from his up-coming debut album 'Catch Me If You Can', out June 1st.

Check out the video below...

Big up Bashy on this one. I really like this video!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Weezy Got Mainstream Appeal

Lil Wayne covers this months edition of Rolling Stones Magazine. This just proves how Weezy has taken not just the Hip Hop but mainstream entertainment world by storm since the release of The Carter 3.

There are mixed opinions about his upcoming Rock album 'The Rebirth' but it seems as though anything Weezy puts his efforts in to turns to gold or should I say 'a Milli a Milli a Milli a Milli a Milli....'

For all you die hard fans tickets for his July 6th concert at Hammersmith Apollo are on sale from Friday 3rd April.

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For All You Chocoholics

As you should all know Easter is just around the corner. So your generous bloggers at Socialwriters are giving all you chocoholics out there the heads up on where you can cure all your cravings!

You better hurry up though, you've only got 11 days to Easter Sunday :O)

Hotel Chocolat-

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Destiny Returns?

Word around the World Wide Web is that Beyonce (aka Ms Marmite), Kelly and Michelle better known as Destiny's Child are to reunite in 2011.

Apparantly the girls owe their label another 'group' album which would probably lead to another tour... Good news for Ms Rowland if the rumours over the last few days are anything to go by!

We'll keep you posted...

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R.I.P. King Magazine???

It is with a sad heart that I let all of our readers (mainly the fellas) know that the Urban music/entertainment & fashion bible that is King Magazine 'could' cease to exist after it's final edition which will hit news stands on April 21st (UK shortly after...)

Over the years a bevvie of beauties which include Trina, Mya, Megan Good, Christina Milian, Kelly Rowland and so many more have graced the famous cover.

This is truly a sad day as this is just another in a long line of mainstay mags that have been affected by the messed up economic state.

Thanks for the memories.

Check out the link for King Magazines website tribute to their 50 greatest covers -
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