Friday, 25 June 2010

ONE YEAR ON: Remembering Michael Jackson

Today, Friday 25th June, marks a year since Michael Jackson tragically passed away under suspicious circumstances.

To this day Michael is still one of the most revered musical artists who's influence spreads across many different musical genres.

In the years leading up to his untimely death, many people had major doubts over Jackson's ability to return to the forefront of music with quality material. Despite the many personal problems he had, Michael continued to record and was set to release a new album.

With a host of sold out shows at London's O2 music arena, which would draw masses of fans from all over the globe, many wondered if Jackson still had the showmanship and ability to recapture his early glory days and spectacular stage presence. Although we would never get to find out, it was seen on the release of the 'This Is It' DVD, that not only did Michael still possess the same talent, moves and imagination he always brought to his live performances, he still had a thirst to perform and to please those he felt closest to, his fans.

Inevitably, I feel the persistent bombardment of non-believers and media speculation played it's part in MJ's unfortunate passing. Having to live up to the expectations of others was a burden the star had to bare his entire personal and professional life. I will admit that when I heard he was a doing a 50 date tour I could not see it happening, but not because he would no longer be with us.

For those of us lucky enough to have grown up with MJ's music (whilst he was still alive) we will all have our own memories that we can link to specific songs as we reminisce on good times and better days. In music there are some artists who's influence will inspire many a generation and Michael is and will always be one of those people.

So today let's not mourn, but celebrate a life. Put on your favourite album whether it be Thriller, Off The Wall or Bad and bellow out a spirited 'Hee Hee' for...


Michael Joseph Jackson 29/8/58- 25/6/09.

Rise In Peace...

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