Sunday, 20 June 2010

TWITTER BEEF: N-Dubz's Tulisa vs NOTW's Dan Wootton

So celebrity journalist Dan Wootton has apparently exposed the secret relationship between N-Dubz stars Tulisa and Fazer. The pair ended up exchanging words via Twitter:

Tulisa then took to Twitter to deny all rumours of the alleged relationship, names the person who sold the story and has said that although the story is untrue, Dan Wooton was just doing his job; reporting gossip:

"Wooow I've heard random stories about us but this...this takes the biscuit! I would get angry but I know where they got it from! Its that slut georgia that dappy banged on tour! Tut tut, she ran out of stories so she stooped 2 this! If it wouldn't get all over the papers I'd smash her face in, but instead I'm guna take her 2 court! what a load of bull! Me n faze? U takin the absolute piss...I can't stop flippin laughin"

hun u gotta ur job, but all u know is what 2 hungry scum have told u! Ofcourse ur goin 2 run that!but it Doesn't make it true, sorry babe but its all crap, and the 2 scum r goin down"

As a journalist, Dan swears the story is true, and from reliable sources, otherwise he wouldn't have let the story run:

The plot thickens.......

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