Saturday, 30 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent

I'm happy that Susan Boyle didn't win, but that dance crew, Diversity from Essex won!! At least this time BGT wasn't a fix.

All this hype about Susan Boyle, some overnight Internet phenomenon, going to the States and being interviewed by Oprah, getting invited to have dinner with Mr Obama.....all of that and she didn't even win...and I'm glad!

It's a shame that Flawless didn't get to the top 3, but be realistic, the public would vote for Diversity over Flawless, they've got little kids in their group, what more do you need?

Flawless are still champions, even though they didn't win. They will definitely be even more successful now!

Well done to Diversity!! It's about time the Queen got schooled on something that's a bit urban.

Support the UK 'Urban' Music Movement - Bashy

The 'Street Commentator', aka Bashy, is finally going to release an album!

'Catch Me If You Can', which is released Monday (01/06/09), is the debut album from the Kensal Rise resident. Bashy has been on the music scene now for quite a while, and is notoriously known for the uplifting anthem for 2007, 'Black Boys', which caused a wave of unity amongst artist within the UK Hip Hop genre.

'Catch Me If You Can' includes collaborations with the likes of Yolanda Brown, NDubz and Jamelia, amongst others. I for one am looking forward to this album.

Support the movement, buy the album! 2009 is a great year for UK music.

UK stand up!

****Do you want to go to Bashy's £3 album showcase Thursday @ YoYo's (Notting Hill Arts Club)? then email -****

Who Wants To Help Ryan Leslie?

The producer/singer, Ryan Leslie, wants his Tweeple, (that's 'people' for you non-Twitters), to help promote him and Next Level.....

If you're on Twitter, you can earn yourself $100, (£61.96) just by helping out with some simple marketing. To be in a chance of winning this money, here's what you have to do:

1. Share Ryan Leslie's music or videos with someone who's not currently following him on twitter.
2. Convince them to start following Ryan Leslie (
3. Once they're a follower, tell them to send him an @reply in the following format:
"@ryan_leslie, I just started following thanks to @your_name_here - my favorite song or video is [name]"
NOTE: "@your_name_here" should be YOUR twitter name, and "[name]" should be the music or video you showed to convince your friend to be a follower.
EXAMPLE: If your twitter name is @joybug80 and you convinced @Evan_ERogers to follow Ryan Leslie by showing him the "Addiction" video, you would tell @Evan_ERogers to send Ryan Leslie this @reply to get credit:
"@ryan_leslie, I just started following thanks to @joybug80 - my favorite song or video is Addiction"
4. Each person you send must have at least 10 followers (to help make sure they're real twitter profiles).
5. The first person whose name gets credited 25 times earns $100.
Thanks for your help promoting Ryan Leslie & NextSelection! I appreciate you!

It's credit crunch time, for most, so get that money!
Happy Twittering!
Image: MTV

NEW FLAVA: Jeremih - Birthday Sex

One of Def Jam's new artist, Jeremih, has finally released the video for the very sexual song, 'Birthday Sex'.

This song is my jam! Wishing it was my birthday everyday!! :)

Birthday Sex

People all over the world will now be singing/playing this song on their birthdays...Fiddy Cent its time to move over!

Friday, 29 May 2009

NEW FLAVA: Day 26 - Stadium Music

The video for Day 26's 'Stadium Music' has been released...and I am not impressed!

I have been informed by badboyblog,the unofficial blog for Bad Boy, that 'Stadium Music' is NOT the second single from their sophomore album, 'Forever In A Day', it's merely just a video for the internet! Maybe that's why the video looks so budget?!

Their second single will either be 'So Good' or 'Your Heels'.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

New FLAVA : The Dream Ft. Kanye West - Walking On The Moon

The Dream teams up with Hype Williams and Ye' for this video, let us know your thoughts.


Monday, 25 May 2009

NEW FLAVA: Beyonce 'Ego'

At what better time could this new track from our favourite Diva, Miss Fierce, arrive? Especially as she is performing at the London 02 Arena tonight

Love it!
There is simply no other words to best describe how I feel about this new single from Beyonce.

As for the choreography in the it B!!


Friday, 22 May 2009

Ace & Vis present AVX

Last night saw the return of AVX at The Sound Bar, Leicester Square. This was the second installment of the UK music night from the dynamic duo that is Radio 1Xtra's Trouble Makers Of Radio Ace & Viz (Invisible).

By 10.30pm the line outside was heaving with revellers who turned out to see some of their favourite artists and proved the night would be just as successful as the first.

The line-up for the night included The appropriately named Princess, Tribal Skankers FRE3 & Chipmunk (as well as a few surprises along the way!).

Inside PYT's mixed it up with rudeboys taking in the atmosphere as they waited for the festivities to begin.... After the hosts welcomed everyone in the building the first act to take to the stage was Princess who performed her massive funky anthem 'Frontline'. Although she may be small in size she commanded the stage like a true diva in training as she had everyone singing along with her.

Musical entertainment between the PA's was provided by the Sweetboyz who kept everyone hyped and lively with their mix of everything relevant in musicworld right now and non-stop banter.

The 2nd act to hit the stage was Sincere and he opened with a killer remix to Soulja Boys' 'Turm My Swag On' before jumping in to the Kid Bass elektro banger 'Good girls love Rudeboys' and the building just erupted!

The big surprise of the night had to be Ruff Squad taking to the stage with.... Tinchy Stryder! Tinchy who was originally slated to perform at the first AVX but was unable to make it joined his Flea Gang to perform a few tracks including their hit 'Ruff Squad Man Dem' which sent the crowd in to a frenzy and more than made up for his absence at the last show. Overall it was the perfect way to finish the PA segment of the night.

The Sweetboyz then kept everybody dancing past the 3am finish line!

Once again Ace & Vis were able to bring together a group of performers to appeal to everyone's taste and prove why they're a force to be reckoned with on the UK Urban scene not just as DJ's but as entertainers.

I highly recommend you make it down to the next event! I wonder who'll they line up for next time???.....

*Although Chipmink was on the bill he was unable to perform due to unforseen circumstances*

A snippet of the nights action... Enjoy!


Nowadays its rear to hear music that captures your eardrums and demands that you take notice, with the newest addition to the Uk's thriving music scene, Cherri V does this effortlessly.

Born and raised in London, Cherri V's fusion of Rock, Pop and R 'n'B sets her apart from the border line, medioca sounds we are often to familiar with and dear I say it...bored stiff of!

Serving as yet another form of excellence curtisy of The Brit School, Miss V's unique sound even captured the attention of eccentric group Gnarls Barkely which lead to a colloboration.

Cherri V's future looks more than luscious with a current record deal under her belt with 6060 Music and an album ready to drop later this year.

Check out Cherri V's official video...go on indulge your sweet tooth!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Amy is rushed to hospital...AGAIN!!

The troubled singer Amy Winehouse is back in hospital, only this time in the caribbean island of St Lucia. As if the talented though haunted songtress, didn't have enough on her plate (trying to kick her drug addiction) the 25-year old was admitted into hospital on Friday evening after she fainted which her officials blamed on "Dehydration".

According to the Daily Mirror....

"She was complaining of chest pains so the doctor advised her to come in and she was kept in for observation and then released"

This is not Winehouse's first encounter with a hospital A&E, recent reports have revealed that the Camdem resident has become paranoide with the idea that she has contracted Aids.

When will this increasingly tragic story have a happy ending?

We here at Social Writers wish her a speedy recovery!

Source: Yahoo News

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

NEW FLAVA: Electrik Red

Comprising of Naomi, Sarah, Lesly and Binkie, Electrik Red is Def Jam Records new R'n'B girl band with a fierce and feisty attitude. To get an idea of what to expect from their sound, think Destiny's Child meets The Pussy Cat do you get it?

Hailing from New York and Canada, Electrik Red has already caused nothing short of a commotion state side and coupled with 'The Dream' and 'Tricky Stewart'(Rihanna's 'Umbrella'), expect the eclectic mix of professional dancers and performing arts grads to cause just as much stir over seas.

The foursome have already spawned songs such as 'Drink in my cup' and 'Friend Lover', however it is their new release single 'Soo Good' featuring Lil Wayne that will surely get them much recognition. oh...and if you are thinking that Sarah looks a tid bit familiar..yes she was the dancer dropping it like it's 'Hawt' in Snoop Dogg's video!

Check them out!

Lauren London is with child for....Weezy??

As crazy as it may sound, it is actually true. The American beauty that is Lauren London is expecting her first child for Lil Wayne, though the tattoo fiend already has two children, one may be forced to ask...Does the world really need another Weezy spawn?

As for London, she confirmed the name of her baby daddy on Bossip, stating that "Wayne and I will happily raise the baby together"

Not sure what to make of this one, although rumours have been surfing for a while about the supposed pairing of this unlikely couple, could London's pregnancy for the most rated rapper of our time be a ploy to further her acting career?

what ever the answer, we wish em well!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

New FLAVA : Jay 'Hard Swagger'

The UK has seen the likes of Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk and Wiley fly the flag for grime and urban music.

But another artist that hopes to follow in their footsteps is Leeds born artist Jay.

Hailing from up north the artist is busy promoting his debut single 'Hard Swagger'.

Jay has also worked closely with T2, also hailing from Leeds who was responsible for the 2007 smash hit 'Heartbroken'.

With a hot video directed by Luje Biggins, and the help of his Manchester City and England footballer cousin, Micah Richards promoting the single, Jay is someone to look out for in 2009.

Take a look at the trailer for 'Hard Swagger', full video coming soon.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Lil Kim Blogs

"The black woman trapped in a white woman's body" aka Lil' Kim, like a bunch of other celebs decided to write a blog on uncle Russell Simmons' website, Global Grind, about loving yourself....

"I want to take a moment to talk to all young women about the four letter word…”LOVE”.

Not LOVE for money, not LOVE for sex, not even LOVE for a man or a woman, but LOVE for yourself! Sometimes we have the tendencies to look for LOVE in all the wrong places and seek acceptance to belong and fit in.

But the truth is that we must first LOVE ourselves. The most important thing is that once we LOVE ourselves we are capable and ready to LOVE others.

Till next time….
Honey Girl"

This sounds just a tad bit ironic to me, as it's quite obvious that she hasn't been loving herself for a few years!!!

Has Kim finally decided to love herself? Does that mean we'll no longer be subject to her skin bleaching, and her face getting more Barbie looking and plastic? I honestly don't think so!

Source: Global Grind

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Definition of a 'Waste Chick'

The slang term 'waste' that we love to use in London, most commonly for the terms 'waste man' and 'waste chick', is up for discussion in this quite funny YouTube video:

*For those that don't know, 'waste' means rubbish*

What kind of females do you class as 'waste chicks'?

Silly Boy Get Out Of My Face!

The Bajan princess, Rihanna, has penned a track about her turbulent split from singer Chris Brown.

The song, which features vocal from Lady GaGa, is called 'Silly Boy'. Rather appropriate don't you think? The track is produced by Timbaland

Sony Signs......Chipmunk

That's right! Yesterday Chipmunk was officially signed by record label Sony.
It really does seem that 2009 is going to be a great year for UK music.

The college student from Tottenham has done very well for himself, and just goes to proves that no dream is too big!

Good luck Chippy!

Image: Exposure PR

Monday, 11 May 2009

BROKEN HOME: Katie Price & Peter Andre Split

After nearly 5 years of marriage, the celebrity couple have split up!

The couple, who met whilst spending time in the Australian jungle together on the show, 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' made the announcement this afternoon. The couple have 2 children together, 3 year-old Junior and 1 year-old Princess Tiaammii.

I wouldn't say this comes as a suprise as it doesn't. Their blazing rows have been seen on our TV screens on their reality TV shows on ITV2. She talks to him like dirt and always makes it clear that she's the breadwinner of the household. Still, I liked the couple, but this was bound to happen!

Image: The Guardian

Sunday, 10 May 2009

You Gotta Love Estelle

One of my fave artists, Stellar Stelly aka Estelle, is currently In St Lucia for the Jazz Festival where she performed today, (last night in St Lucia).

A US TV pundit/Broadcaster by the name of Jawn Murray, also in St Lucia, blasted Estelle via Twitter. Why? Because she didn't say "Hello" to the guy! SMH!
And as she didn't do any press whilst out in St Lucia, he also got the hump, but claimed he wasn't interested in interviewing her after his 'dismissal'.

Estelle was having none of it, so decided to set the record straight:

Now look at his response to Estelle after her tweets:

As Diddy would say that's some BITCHASSNESS!

If Estelle wasn't a person to stand up for herself, his tweets would still be there! However, she has classed this whole episode as a "misunderstanding", as Jawn must've thought she didn't want to say 'hi' on purpose and set her security on him,hence his irate tweets, which she did not!!!

Gotta love Estelle!

Image: KCB

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Swine Flu Has Turnt Funky

Okay, so I know there's a Funky House craze going on in the UK now.....but really, do we need to make up a dance and/or song for everything? It's turning into Bashment slowly.

Swine Flu now has it's own dance and song!!! (Can you believe it?)

The 'Swine Flu Skank', which is supported by UK PR company, Uproar UK, tries to relay the swine flu slogan: "Catch it....Bin it....Kill it". This is a good little marketing tool, but it's not my cuppa tea at all....although some may find it comical.

However, it has 2 positive points:
1. It's educating people in a fun way
2. It's produced by Flamin' Beatz....quite a good producer of Grime music

Check the video....let me know if you'll be doing this dance in a club.

Will this dance catch on?


Now It's Rihanna's Turn To Flash

Just a day after Cassie's twitties were placed all over the net, the Bajan princess Rihanna is allegedly the next celeb to have naked photos of her leaked..... You know the kinda pictures a girlfriend sends to her boyfriend *cough*

Thank Perez Hilton for the pictures.....there's one of Chris Brown too

PS: I wonder which looker, but not so good singer is going to be the next victim of leaked sexy shots?

Friday, 8 May 2009

Concert Review: Brandy (Indigo2)

My lovely friend and fellow journalist Emmanuel invited me down to Indigo2, to watch his favourite singer of all time, Brandy, perform.

The last time I saw Brandy perform in concert was years ago at the Royal Albert Hall, when her album 'Never Say Never' was out! Sporting a new funky-cut, yaki weave, that was super shiny, Brandy was pulling out some dance moves. She had some MJ-robotic dance moves going on with a hint of some African moves.....I liked. She started the concert with 'Afrodisiac', which is a tune and followed through with other songs such as 'What About Us' and 'Full Moon'.

I didn't actually realise how many adoring fans she had or how many years she's been in the music industry. The concert was like a trip down memory lane, with Brandy singing a medley of her old-time jams, such as 'I Wanna Be Down' and 'Baby', and giving us some of her material from her latest album, 'Human'.

I can't fault the girl, she gave a great pitch perfect performance, but the thing I disliked is that the concert was over before you knew it! She was on stage for 45 minutes, which actually felt like 30 minutes. To make matters worse....where was the encore?? That's the first concert I've been to where there was no encore, and I've been to quite a few concerts!

Brandy, my dear, next time, ENCORE!

Images: KCB

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cassie's Got Her Twitty's Out

Like the nonsense shaving of her head wasn't enough, Diddy's Bad Boy's Cassie has gone and put her breasts on display over the net. This morning I awoke to this tweet on Twitter:


Cassie claims somebody has hacked into her PC. I believe this is just all part of a publicity stunt, just like the shaving of the sides of her head was. Bad Boy have issued cease and desist emails to blogs featuring Cassie's breasts.

I mean, I like Cassie, even though she can't sing, but all of this is not needed, especially the cease and desist emails. It's quite obvious that somebody from her camp put these pics out

Whatever next I wonder....tune in again to see what Cassie's next publicity stunt is

Sunday, 3 May 2009

It's Spreading Like Butter On To Toast

This Swine Flu is serious business!!

Tulisa, from N-Dubz has been diagnosed with a suspected case of Swine Flu....

"Tulisa Contostavlos, 20, flew to Athens on Thursday night for a break with family and friends after finishing a 23-date UK tour, when the band performed for thousands of teenage fans.

But she fainted and needed medical attention during the flight — then had to be rushed to hospital yesterday after a doctor noted all the symptoms connected with the potentially deadly virus.

Tulisa was last night under observation on an isolation ward in Pendeli, Greece, as doctors awaited the results of tests." (The Sun)

We here at Social Writers wish Tulisa a speedy recovery!

Image: Gighit

Friday, 1 May 2009

Sean Paul Is Back And Blazing

Mr Sean Paul is back, just in time for the summer! You know he has them summer hits that just make you want to shake a bit of leg.

His new album, Imperial Blaze, will be out August 17th in the UK, and the first track to be lifted off the album will be So Fine.

Click to listen to So Fine
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