Thursday, 17 September 2009

Aww poor thing!

Perri Kiely, 13 of the dance group Diversity, injured his head whilst performing in front Prime minister Gordon Brown and a handfull of shocked journalists at 10 Downing Street yesterday. Perri, known to many as "the cute one" was in the middle of performing yet another dance spectacle with the rest of his group members when an attempt at his usually successful air grazing back flips, witnessed the bushy hair cutie land head first on the concrete...ouch!

Adhering to the old saying, "the show must go on", the remaining members of the Diversity dance group finished their ever creative dance routine in celebration of the Second Talent and Enterprise TaskForce, before immediately rushing to young Perri's aide.

Luckily the young member wasn't badly injured, although he was seen rubbing the back of his head in pain...bless him!

Next time be more careful hun..xx


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