Saturday, 19 September 2009

Another New Member To The Sugababes?

Yesterday rumours were rife that the UK's Eurovision Song contestant, Jade Ewen, would be replacing Amelle Berrabah.

I refused to listen to the rumours, as it would be a crazy thing for Jade to do because she's got a record deal with Geffen and was gearing up for her debut single, 'My Man' to be released. There's been many 'sources' that have told me these rumours are true, but Sugababes member Keisha told the News Of The World it's not true:

"It's not true she's joining. She's a friend of mine but no, I'm not a liar. It's completely false, that's the honest to God truth. One hundred per cent."

Even though Keisha has made this statement, it still doesn't stop people wondering about the real truth to this rumour. Jade's representatives have done nothing to put a halt to this so-called rumour and sources close to Jade have said she's in LA, which is where the Babes currently are shooting their the video for their next single.

Island Records are expected to make an announcement this week about the future of the Sugababes, which is causing speculation about Amelle's position within the group.

I really like the Sugababes, but they've already had two members leave the group. For a third member to leave connotes that there is a serious problem with the dynamics for the group and Keisha and Heidi should just call it a day.

I await to here this announcement......

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