Monday, 21 September 2009

BREAKING GOSSIP: Jade Ewen To Replace Keisha In The New Sugababes Line Up

What a palava!!

The rumours have been confirmed......Jade Ewen will be joining the Sugababes, not to replace Amelle as everyone assumed, but to replace the original band member Keisha Buchanan!! Keisha had no idea.

Did anybody see that coming? I sure didn't!

Keisha, like I expected has been offered a solo deal with Island records, so it's not the end for her, but a brand new journey.

I thought the group would just break up and everyone go their own ways. Keisha's always been branded as the 'bitch' of the group so I can see why the decision for her to leave was made, but how can the Sugababes be without not one original band member?? They need to re-name the group.

As for Jade, who's single 'My Man' came out today, I believe she should've stayed solo, she's better as a solo artist. Keisha called Jade "my friend" last week

Rumours are spreading that the Babes' management have been auditioning for Keisha's replacement from last week and have been re-recording their new album behind Keisha's back. Jade was said to be in LA last week, which is where the Sugababes have been to film their new video.....

More info on this mix up to come!

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