Monday, 14 September 2009

Nicole Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton Head To Splitsville (Apparently)

Lewis Hamilton has ended his relatonship with PCD's lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger. It was only a week a go that there were looking for a London pad together.

The Sunday Mirror reported

"Lewis was adamant the relationship had come to an end," a source claims. "He was feeling under pressure to take their union to the next level and he wasn't wanting to become engaged, get married or think about having children. He's young, they spend an awful lot of time apart and he's just not ready to leave his youth behind for a lifetime with Nicole. He found the tribulations of having a long-distance relationship very challenging indeed. Nicole's mortified - she imagined being with Lewis for a long time and she's shocked that things have ended so suddenly."
Was Nicole the only one who didn't see this coming? It's was bound to happen!

Perhaps she'll find another toy boy to play with - she isn't ugly

According to The Sun, Lewis has rubbished the rumours about the split.

Hamilton is reported to have said: "That is bulls**t. We are still together."

Source: Digital Spy

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