Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Instrumental Carnival Bank Holiday Special!

If there was ever an instrumental carnival bank holiday special to get excited about, this one was it by far. Hosted at the Westbury in Kilburn, bank holiday Sunday saw the return of yet another Uprock and Pancake Gallery collaboration and like always it was a night served with the freshest music, drizzled with a euphoric vibe.

If you're a true Hip hop fiend or just like to be in the company of good music, you most definitely would have come across the Uprock sound system, but merge that together with a guest US DJ like the highly respected DJ Waajeed from the Hip hop trio,The Platnum Pied Pipers and expect to be marvelled.

DJ Wajeed who has also lent a helping hand to the extraordinaire that was J Dilla and Slum Village, gave the London crowd a taste of how they do it back home in Detroit and by 12.00am, judging by the response of the amped crowd, they had no complaints. Escorting the tribe of Westbury-ites back in time through music, the Detroit native had everyone high, not on the high grade, but on the raw, unapologetic, ingenious that is Hip hop where classics such as 'F*ck The Police' were welcomed and chanted in unison.

Celebrating their first year anniversary, the Pancake Gallery crew had DJ Switch from the Netherlands represent them in true Dutch style, and the humble guy that I had once glimpsed sitting in the corner, transformed into an uncontrollable music ruffian, spinning out 80's and 90's classics ranging from Cameo to Michael Jackson to my favourite B.I.G, having no mercy whatsoever on my sore dancing feet.

Although Om'mas from the creative duo Sa Ra was on the bill to DJ,he unfortunately was unable to make it. But my brief disappointment was short lived as the night overall was simply dope!

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