Monday, 14 September 2009

Amelle To Leave The Sugababes??

On Friday Social Writers reported that all was not well with the Babes as Amelle has gone 'missing' and was to have blamed it on Keisha's bullying. Here's the update:
In an interview with News Of The World (NOW), Keisha confirmed that there are problems in the band, (no suurprise there), but she is not the one to blame.
"She's thinking about leaving but I'm not going to be used as the scapegoat. These things make me stronger. I'm going to use this and write a killer song and I'm going to be fine." said the original Sugababes band member.

If Amelle left the Sugababes - would this lead to the group going their separate for good? They've just signed to Roc Nation, so that would not be a good look.

I think I see Keisha going down the solo route - and she'd do well as a solo artist too - I mean... she is the best singer in the group

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