Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Taio Cruz Hangs Out With JLS For Free Booze

Taio Cruz has admitted that he spends time with JLS because they offer him free drink.....

He told The Sun: "I was out with them at a launch party in London the other night and the women were swarming around them, dancing on tables and screaming their names. It was unbelievable."
"And they have a huge tab at the bar. I hang out with them for the free drink. I hope their money doesn't run out."

Taio is the smart one here.....JLS on the other hand need to curb their spending!

One could call Taio cheap.....but at least he's being honest!



  1. not so sure JLS will want to hang around with him now though

  2. LOL!
    Maybe...they might see it as nothing as he's working on their album, and he's a great songwriter so they wanna keep him sweet right? :)


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