Monday, 14 September 2009

Whose Albums Are Being Pushed Back?

Yes you guessed it.....Cassie

Her sophomore album was meant to have been released from since last year, and it has been pushed back so many times now. This time it's been reported to be pushed back to 2010.

Diddy needs to stop dating his artist and focus on her album being released......unless he's planning on just keeping sweet and never releasing her album?

Talking of Diddy, his album, 'Last Train To Paris', is also getting pushed back to 2010....

He originally wanted to release the album in September, but supposedly shelved the idea when he found out that Jay-Z was dropping BP3 then too!

MTV has reported that the album will be pushed back. In August, Hip Hop Weekly reported that the album had been pushed back to 2010 and that they would release a four song, four video EP in October.

Bad Boy have not confirmed this.

Source: Bad Boy Blog

At least Janelle Monet album was seems as if she's the only artist at Bad Boy that Diddy's concentrating on apart from his Dirty Money crew

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