Saturday, 4 September 2010

TV: Cher Lloyd's Soulja Boy/Keri Hilson 'Turn My Swag On' X Factor Audition [VIDEO]

16 year-old Cher Lloyd amazed the X Factor judges and audience with her audition of Keri Hilson's version of Soulja Boy's 'Turn My Swag On'.

You could see the £ signs in the eyes of judge Simon Cowell, and Cheryl was super excited. No doubt both would definitely want to mentor Cher - if she makes it through the rounds.

What do you think of Cher's audition?


  1. she delivered it with swagger, she held her notes but people shouldnt get over excited. If shes one of the top ppl chosen she would be one of the ones with the weakest voice so unless she keeps the whole 'swagger' thing she will be out...lets hope Cheryl gets to mentor here cos lets face it louis and simon know very little about R n B!

  2. This year and on the last 4 auditions, Cher Lloyd made the best audition and the she made the best performance on the stage.

    She killed the song literally, she was 3 to 4 times better than the original artiste, just hear the original:

    In my ears Keri Hilson was 3 to 4 times weaker than Cher Lloyd, and the most important thing she (Cher Lloyd) made some parts 7-8 times better than in original remix.

    My only problem is because shes not beautiful, she's young.
    Lets hear her in the camp.

  3. she is awesome! i think better than the original too.

  4. she is sooo sexy i cud fuck her in bed
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