Friday, 11 September 2009

Bitch Fight: The Sugababes' Amelle and Keisha Fall Out?

?Seems all is not well once again with the Sugababes.....

TheLondonPaper has reported that group member Amelle Berrabah went 'missing' for a couple of days after she had a massive row with fellow group member, Keisha Buchannan, who's the only original band member.

A friend stated in the paper: "She is deeply unhappy at the moment and is scared of Keisha. Keisha will just have digs at her throughout the day and it has been going on for months. It has got worse since Amelle had the Tinchy Stryder single and featured big-time in the Get Sexy video. Keisha is very dominating, while Amelle is quite placid."

This is not the first time problems within the band have been blamed on Keisha....infact Keisha is always portrayed as the bully of the group....but is she really a bully?
Keisha took to her Blackberry whilst out in LA for a holiday and vented her frustrations about this story through a series of tweets on Twitter

Amelle has not commented on the bust-up she's supposedly had with Keisha.
I'm sure we'll find out the truth behind this story soon!

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