Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Single Review: Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart

Whilst the uber sweet RnB artists churn out baby makers of tracks, serenading their female fan base with material that will guarantee the ladies on their side come single release day, the UK’s hottest export Taio Cruz returns with ‘Break Your Heart”.

With his middle finger up to the othodox "baby I miss you" or "lets get back together" type of single that we expect from newcomers, that were rejected from reality TV shows like X-Factor or Braitains Got Talent, (notice who I’m getting at here!), Taio Cruz ditches the safe approach and drops a bombshell that will manage to work for some but may alienate others.

A bold cry for an artist that doesn’t need to alter anything about his approach to music at all, but the daring lyrics like "If you fall for me, im not easy to please" displays the sheer confidence that sees Taio regarded as one of the hottest artists in the U.K who can stand shoulder to shoulder with many of his stateside counterparts.

If the message behind ‘Break Your Heart’ is too courageous for your liking, theres no doubt you’ll find yourself kicking yourself when the catchy hook comes in and you find yourself humming it. However, if you don't appreiciate the message or the catchy hook, then it's third time lucky as the production will have you spazzing out.

Undoubtedly the hottest producer at the moment, Fraser T Smith’s sound has seen his work propel artists like Tinchy Stryder to consequetive number one’s, and it seems like he has done it again as his use of strings becomes a sought after commodity in U.K. music.

‘Break Your Heart' is scheduled for a September 14th release.

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