Tuesday, 8 September 2009

NEW Rap Beef?: T-Pain & Fabolous

It seems like Jay-Z's return to the mic with 'DOA' really did hurt T-Pains feelings.

Hov was joined by T-Pain at Summerjam to squash talk of any hard feelings between the two about the track.
But at a recent show T-Pain went in on Hov saying "Jay-Z is 59 years old, I dont think he has the right to say that anything is dead, I think if anything is dead, it should be him".

News reached a certain Fabolous who tweeted that he was "not feeling it" when he heard that T-Pain was dissing Jay-Z.

Loso later went on to tweet "Jus heard Tpain says Fuck JayZ & Fuck Fabolous too over Twitter... Ok, now me & my twiggas/Street Twitter Ditta Dam must go in on him!"

What's your take on it, and more importantly do you think Jay-Z will respond?


  1. t-pain needs to fall back, although twitter beef is kinda whack

  2. Jay-Z will NOT respond he to nice for t-pain, and to rich. The BP3 was about music. Nigga jay to grown for that robot voice singer.


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