Wednesday, 17 June 2009

MC Nobody is......SWAY

A few weeks ago we posted a video for the song 'Jerusalem' by MC Nobody, asking if anybody knew who MC Nobody was? (click here to read the blog post)
Now all has been revealed that MC Nobody is non other than, Sway.

*SHOCK* (Not!) It was quite easy to figure out that Sway was the balaclava-masked MC, but MC Nobody is not Sway's new alias or alter ego, as many people have started to assume. MC Nobody is actually a key character in the up-coming novel, 'Jerusalem' by acclaimed author, Patrick Neate.

Neate teamed up with Sway to create an innovative way to promote the book to a wider audience via cyberspace, and also to bring the character of 'MC Nobody' to life.

The book Jerusalem is an intricately woven tale of Englishness from many perspectives - young and old, black and white, urban and rural, British and African, past and present. Unfailingly relevant and politically astute, it is also a moving and witty take on contemporary identity that follows many of the themes of Neate's previous work. Indeed, several of the characters from Musungu Jim and the Whitbread winner, Twelve Bar Blues, reappear in Jerusalem.

The book Jerusalem is published by Penguin on the 2nd July 2009.

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