Tuesday, 23 June 2009

UK Mobile Number Directory

I understand 118 188 directory and Yellow Pages etc, but a mobile phone directory...

118 800 is the new mobile phone directory for UK mobile phone numbers. It allows people to get hold of somebody if they dont have the person's mobile number. 118 800 say they do not give out numbers, but simply connect people either through a phone call like 118 188, or by sending a text message to the person you want to talk to, giving them your contact details to call you back.

I think this directory is a breech of people's privacy! This means that somebody who you dont want to have your number can contact you, courtesy of this foolish directory. Next thing you know, you'll have stalkers on your line harrasing you!

You can make your number ex-directory if you visit 118 800's website, www.118800.co.uk, which I for one have done. I dont want some random person ringing me!!!

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  1. Absolute CRAP! What were they thinking of? If you don't have my number it most probably because either you or I feel you don't need it! KMT! lol


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