Monday, 29 June 2009

Drake Has Made His Decision

"Always knew that I could figure/How to get these label heads to offer them good figures" Drake - 'Ignant Shit'

And Drake was damn sure right about that! After the record label battle between Atlantic Records, Interscope and Universal, Drake has made his decision and decided to sign with Universal Motown, who seems to be offering him the most money.

The announcement which hasn't been made official yet, but was leaked on the net, sees the Canadian rapper/singer/actor under the same record company as his affiliates Lil' Wayne and Young Money.

At least the speculation has come to an end, but was it the right choice?
We all know Atlantic Records has got the best marketing department, hence why Hov has allowed their marketing department to market the 'Blueprint 3'

I'm looking forward to hearing Drake's debut album, hopefully sometime this year would be nice!

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