Tuesday, 2 June 2009

What a spectacle Spectacular!!!

Some of you may have seen Pretty Ricky member, Spectacular, gyrating on camera in red underpants to promote their new single 'Tipsy', challenging the likes of Chris Brown, Day 26 and Omarion, who are much better than Pretty Ricky.

For those of you who haven't seen the video, which may be disturbing for some (haha)......

From this video, Spectacular's sexuality has been questionned, even though he said the dancing was 'strictly for the ladies', one can't help to wonder if this is true. Everyone now thinks he's coming out of the closet!

Spectacular has now created another video in response to all the gay speculations....it speaks for itself really!

1. All those chains ain't his - Does he think that all that jewellery makes him more masculine? More like a damn fool...he aint Mr T!
2. By making a 'part 2' and by changing up the dance moves doesn't stop people from thining that you're gay
3. I appreciate the fact that he's wearing black boxers...at least he got something right this time
4. Is this what is has come down to? Promoting yourself and your group in this hillarious yet disturbing way after being dropped by Atlantic Records?

Pure comedy for this wonderful summer's day in London!

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