Friday, 12 June 2009

Pleasure P Album Review

The former Pretty Ricky frontman goes it alone with his first solo effort 'The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper'.

After leaving Pretty Ricky due to creative and management issues Pleasure releases a stellar 12 track disc that will please his old fans and draw in some new one's. The material is definitely geared towards a more mature audience but does not alienate.

His first two singles 'Did You Wrong' & 'Boyfriend #2' got a lot of exposure in the U.S but did not get a lot of play over here.

Tracks like 'Under' (my personal stand-out track), 'Gotta Have You' & 'Birthday suit' will keep the slow jam lovers happy, whilst the Yung Joc assisted 'I'm a beast' and the excellent 'Your Love' which uses a sample from Cheryl Lynn's 1983 soul classic 'Encore' will definitely 'get a party started' as they say.

Much like Slim (of 112) and Lloyd, Pleasure has a very distinctive vocal tone, but he does display a varied singing range throughout the LP without straying far from his RnB with a pop appeal style.

With his homeboy Sexy Spec' prancing around in red Y fronts these days in internet videos it looks like Pleasure may have made the right move. Although the album won't change the world it's definitely worth a listen and more than good start.

There's no official UK release date yet but the album is available on import and online.

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