Thursday, 4 June 2009

Atlantic Records Are Going Hard

WMG/Atlantic records seem to have been planning intensively recently......I knew something big was going to go down soon with Atlantic, because my sources told me, but DAMN!!! Never thought it'd be this BIG!!

The man on the tip of everyone's tongue, Drake, looks like he'll be signing with Atlantic Records. There's a huge bidding war going on at the moment to sign Drake, as he's the hottest thing out right now. People think that Drake is signed to Young Money just because of his affiliations with Lil' Wayne, but this is not the case. Atlantic Records seem to be the forefront winners as they'll most likely put his album out by the end of this year, and are also looking for the next big thing since their golden boy, T.I. is incarcerated.

The Jigga Man looks set to ink a deal to have his own record label under WMG/Atlantic Records with Atlantic's Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles, his two buddies that were with him at Def Jam when he reigned. If this happens it would make him one of the richest and most powerful men in the music industry. Don't forget he still has his Live Nation deal.

You gotta love Jay Z....he's one hell of a business man, not forgetting to mention he's got the lovely Beyonce as a wife!

Images: Muscianstool and Shushyne

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