Friday, 12 June 2009

Run's House Returns And Ray J Continues To Look For Love!

The Simmons family will be returning to our screens soon for the 6th series of Run's House. I'm so happy as this is one of my favourite shows, plus Angela & Vanessa aren't too bad on the eye either. Not sure when the show will premiere on UK MTV but we will keep you posted.

For those that don't know Ray J aka Brandy's lil' brother had a show called 'For The Love Of Ray J' which was along the lines of 'Flavor Of Love' and 'I Love New York' where a bunch of crazy females would compete for his affections on a weekly basis until only one was left.

Well, much like Flavor Flav and New York aka Tiffany, Ray J was unable to find love on his first series so he's planning another!

Hopefully the show will make it to UK shores sometime this year, from all accounts it was very saucy, explosive and entertaining.

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