Wednesday, 3 June 2009

5 Minutes With.....Gracious K

Gracious K with Ciara and MistaJam

By now you must’ve heard of the dance craze ‘Migraine Skank’, if you haven’t where have you been for the past couple of months? Even US RnB singer Ciara knows how to do it! The 21-year-old East London MC, Gracious K, who is the man behind the infamous ‘Migraine Skank’ takes some time out to talk with SocialWriters.

How did you first get into music?
Gracious K: By watching other people, people like Wiley.

What made you create ‘Migraine Skank’?
Gracious K: It was accidental. There’s a group of us and we always go out partying, all of us used to do the dance. It’s a dance that’s been around for a while, it has no name. People used to try and give it a name, like ‘The Headache’. Then we called it ‘The Migraine Skank’. From there we went to the studio and it came out.

What is your stance on the funky house and the UK urban music scene?
Gracious K: I think it’s very healthy to be honest with you. So much good music is coming out. People are actually getting out all the music they can and rivalling with the pop acts in the charts.

What category of music would you class yourself as?
Gracious K: I wouldn’t put myself in a category; I aim to do lots of different things. I want to stay open when it comes to music.

What was it like teaching Ciara the ‘Migraine Skank’?
Gracious K: Well I’m sure you’ve seen the video! I was trying my best to stay calm. It was a good feeling afterwards, but when she walked in, the pressure was on! I couldn’t talk properly, couldn’t look at her directly. When it was all done, I was like, ‘Wow!’

Have you taught any other famous people the dance?
Gracious K: Not as yet, but a lot of people from the watching the Ciara video, have started doing it like Alan Carr and Lily Allen.

What do you have planned to follow your success of the ‘Migraine Skank’?
Gracious K: We’ve got ‘Show Me How You Get Down’; we’ve got a whole heap of t-shirts. There’s other dances coming out, not just straight forward ones like ‘Migraine Skank’, but there’ll be other dances in the future. You’ll get more of an insight into what I’m doing on my twitter page:

Image: via Flickr (MistaJam)

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