Friday, 12 June 2009

Tip to strip???

Time is of the essense is something T.I. couldn't agree with more, being as he has a lot of it on his side and what better way to spend his stint in jail than to bulk up for a bare all promotional picture for a PETA campaign.

In support of PETA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur", the Atlanta rapper has been approached by campaign officials to strip and reveal all like the day he was born after he is released from jail. News of PETA's interest in the currently incarserated rapper was published today on and according to them:

"We're asking T.I. to use his fame and experiences to bare the truth about the fur industry by baring his skin" PETA executive Vice President Tracy Reiman stated.

It is thought that due to his affiliation with previous PETA campaign advocate and ex-convict, Martha Stewart, is how they came to approach him. T.I. has been trying to polish up his act of late and has even been involved in some community service, but the question is 'how polished is he willing to get?

Though Tip may have some thinking to do, speaking on behalf of all the ladies across the globe, we say....DO IT!

Source: Giant

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