Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I Hate To Say I Told You So...

Oooooooh... I saw something yesterday but i didn't want to believe it. Then today I saw a lil' bit more and it's not looking good for Ush & Tameka.

It's rumoured that the couple have seperated and Usher will file for divorce within days. Ursh' was also sited out and about town with another woman without his wedding ring so, it's not looking good for the couple!

*Ushers reps later confirmed that the mystery woman was a product manager for Def Jam records who is working with one of Ushers artists.

I honestly hope this is just media propaganda, it would be a shame for another celebrity couple to hit splitsville.


More info is continuing to leak about Ushers marital status! Various media sources in the U.S have been trying to get information from the courthouse where divorce papers were 'supposedly' filed but have been told no such papers exist.

It's also been said that the couple have been seperated for over a year now but are on amicable terms for the well being of their two children.

The plot thickens....

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  1. Yes, we all knew that their marriage wouldn't last; she tried to control him, hated on any female around him, thought she was the queen B, and last but not least, didn't get on with his mama, which is definitely a 'no no'


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