Monday, 8 March 2010

Pancake Gallery- Art Rules Aruba!

What happens when the desire to unite an international collective of art representatives becomes less of a vision and more of a reality? The Pancake Gallery is born.

Founded in 2007 by Dutch twins, Ira-sharay Kip and Ayra-Anandra Kip, the Pancake Gallery strives to accomplish one goal, "integrating and connecting international arts communities" and by enlisting the help of art enthusiasts across the globe, including musicians, DJ's, directors, actors, dancers and visual artists,the Pancake Gallery identifies itself as a catalyst for the arts with the spirit of a devout art activist.

Since it's establishment, PG has connected cities around the world, through producing an array of projects, ranging from theatre productions, exhibitions, parties and the rest( click here for 'Instrumental bank Holiday' blog post) , however; with the newly launched 'Pancake Gallery Foundation' based in the hidden jewel of the Caribbean, Aruba, Art Rules Aruba is its first project and is a step closer to awakening the world to a new kind of art community.

Bridging the many facets of arts and culture; theatre, dance, photography, fashion, dj-ing, rap& poetry, the Art Rules Aruba Art Directors ( a mixture of international artists and local professionals) will yield an innovative platform for students to enhance their creativity in a way that has never been done before. As expected, such a unique concept has not gone unnoticed and has garnered the attention of Coco cola who is proudly sponsoring the new project and has sparked the interest of MTV.Think, with a possible collaboration in the pipeline.

"We Flip It" is the company's logo and a oath that has confidently spawned a life of its own.

Art Rules Aruba will be going into production on July 16th 2010 and is set to be the first of many exciting projects to come. As keen supporters of the The Pancake Gallery, SocialWriters would like to wish the project the best of luck and hopes to see such projects here in the UK!

For more information on Art Rules Aruba click here for the Pancake Gallery blog.


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