Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Introducing... D-visions

As you know SW are about what's hot, what's cool, and most importantly what's Social.

Which is why we had to let you know about D-visions, a fine UK street wear brand that just oozes quality in terms of design but doesn't fail disappoint on the comfortable factor.

Have a look at D-Visions Signs Of Life 2010 collection.

SW caught up with the D-Visions founder to find out more...

What separates D-Visions from other clothing labels out there?
Well, we are are a brand that focuses on what is happening now and portrays artistic movements that we grew up on or self taught over the years. D-visions is unique, because we are not afraid of bringing out colours or styles that could be worn everyday but D-visions will give the colour a whole new meaning.

Check out the D-society range 09. D-society is about having colours with more of a meaning due to diffrent type of groups of people. What suits you better as an individual in a large group. We feel that living in London and seeing certain type of mixed backgrounds etc. We all tend to follow, but how can we be in groups and still be seen as an individual and show that through fashion?

That is how we reach to people through our brand. Every colour we brought out was all in season. So as an independant brand, D-visions has to look at all the bigger brands and flagship stores and give our customers a fashion sense of why they want to look and feel diffrent from the norm.

What inspired you to create D-Visions?
It's all about your own personal vision. The inspiration comes from seeing so many people pushing and driving towards there goals in life. No matter what you do in life. We try and keep it as positive as possible, but we come from urban backgrounds with a bigger picture, more outside the box.

D-visions is created to have a good feeling in what you do and how you do it. (It meaning fashion,Photography,Journalism,politics etc)

What are you working on now ?
The new project for this year is called 'SIGNS OF LIFE or 'S.O.L 10'. This is collection/project we introduced which is influenced by the clubbing lifestyle to the meaning of universal hand signal or gestures. We are really excited about this because we have worked closely on getting people to see the connections with our artist affiliates.

Tell us more...
In terms of signs that are widely recognised in life, that are now symbolic to the global human race. These symbolic signs have now been incorporated into a lifestyle with meaning, which is used in everyday life, as a form of expression to communicate.

These expressive signs are now used within the music and fashion industry to maximize the term “actions speaks louder than words”. These form of communication, may change and be varied upon the individual’s path and knowledge through life.

And where do you see D-visions in five years time?
In years time, people we really start to understand the vision of what D-visions is messaging across on a global scale.
We already have shown and is still supported from overseas countries like Scotland, Canada & France. The main focus is that a fresh UK brand has taken streetwear to a whole new perspective through our creative fashion.

5 years is only around the corner, so we have seen and done alot in our 1st year of people. So in 5 years time, woow!!, We're going to know D-visions is will be providing the exclusive people would always want.

The Signs Of Life Collection is out now available @

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