Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Album Review: Usher- 'Raymond v Raymond'

Usher returns with the follow-up to the luke warn recieved 'Here I Stand', but does it live up to the much gathered hype???

A lot of people were disappointed with 2008's 'Here I Stand' as it did not live up to 2004's diamond certified 'Confessions'. They also felt that Usher could not handle the pressure of the emergence of Timberlake/Brown/Songz. So if you ask me 'Does this album top his last effort?' I'd have to say... Just!

The first singles from the album, 'Daddy's Home' (USA) and 'OMG' (UK) have done little to light up the charts, but are quality songs. It's only when you delve deeper in to RvR that the true quality is shown.

Although most of the tracks leaked on to the internet made the final cut of the LP, they do not disappoint as they are put together very well. 'There Goes My Baby', 'Mars V Venus' and 'Okay' are classic Usher baby-making songs that showcase his silky vocals we've all come to love. Ludacris, P Diddy and Ms Nicki Minaj, (with whom he is currently filming a video for 'Lil Freak' with), also come along for the ride and make some stellar cameos on the more up-tempo songs. I would have liked for him to include the ode to his sons, 'I Love You Too'.

All in all, Usher has put out a good album that keeps him up there with RnB's great performers, but a call to a certain Mr Dupri wouldn't have gone a miss! With all that said the album is definitely worth purchasing.

Looks like Mr Songz is going to hold on to the Prince crown for a bit longer.

Can anyone say 'Re-packaged remix album'...

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