Tuesday, 16 March 2010

NEWS: Sugababes' 'Sweet 7' Is Not Doing So Sweet In Terms Of Sales

In the midweek sales for the Official UK Album Chart, 'Sweet 7', the latest album from the Sugababes looks set to chart at #12, which is a low entry position for the trio.

If the Babes don't get a Top Ten with 'Sweet 7', it'll be another blow to the girl group who's new line up just doesn't seem to be working with the fans. Poor album sales, former band-mates wanting rights to the Sugababes name as well as the forever changing line-up spells a possible disaster for the group.

Let's see where 'Sweet 7' will take the girls this year - it's make or break time!


  1. Good!!! Im glad, serves them right! They cant expect people to support them after how badly they treated Keisha!

  2. Karma.....nothing more to say


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