Wednesday, 3 March 2010

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Nivea - 'Love Hurts'

Singer Nivea is trying to make a comeback with her new single 'Love Hurts'. The video features a remix of the song that has never been heard before.

Nivea's ex, Lil Wayne, who has filmed around 10 music videos in the past 2 weeks ahead of his sentencing, makes a cameo appearance in the video as her ex-love interest.............check out the chemistry between the two.....quite obviously no 'acting' was needed.

'Love Hurts' is taken off of Nivea's forthcoming fourth studio album, 'Purple Heart'

Source: The Feed x The Remedy


  1. Cheap video! Nivea should have come better than this!!!

  2. Cheap video indeed - must just be a viral video


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