Wednesday, 24 March 2010

AKS Wins The Cordless Show "People's Vote"

Cast your minds back to March of 2009 and you'll remember a piece we did in our 'New Flava/New Kid On The Block' segment about a young Deptford MC who released a mixtape called 'A Miracle In The Making'??? That young man was none other than AKS, but you already knew that right?

Part of The Midas Touch crew, AKS stayed on his grind and built on the success of AMITM to make it on to UK hip hop scene radar, eventually becoming one of the nominees of the Cordless Shows' People's Vote (pretty much leading the way from the beginning in the voting tables), and after some hard graft and shameless Twitter/Myspace/FaceBook promo work he was crowned the winner.

In the video below AKS talks about his journey, winning the compeition and his future plans!

Everyone at Social Writers would like to congratulate AKS on his success and wish him even more as he begins his journey to stardom.

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