Sunday, 14 February 2010

Our Top 10 Celebrity Couples

As today is Valentine's Day and is a day typically all about love and appreciation for your partner, we at SocialWriters thought we'd share with you our Top 10 Celebrity Couples.

10. Kanye West & Amber Rose

The rapper and ex-stripper turned 'model' started their romantic relationship early last year in 2009 and have become one of the most talked about celebrity couples. The two fashionistas seem to complement each other well, even though it was said that they broke up briefly last summer. Nevertheless the show-stopping pair are still together, and can always be seen rocking the latest fashion. A good looking couple.

9. Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou

The supermodel and ex-wife of entrepreneur Russel Simmons, Kimora Lee Simmons and the Hollywood actor, Djimon Hounsou, were first paired together in 2007 and have been together ever since. They beautiful couple recently had a baby boy called Kenzo and will both star in the new series of Kimora's reality TV show, 'Life In The Fab Lane'. It was rumoured the pair got married last year in a secret service in Africa whilst they visited Djimon's family, but an official statement has yet to be made.

8. Seal & Heidi Klum

The supermodel mum and singer have been married from since 2005 and together have a wonderful family with four children, including Heidi's son from a previous relationship. As the years have gone past their love seems to grow with the recent birth of their fourth child.

7. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

Mariah and Nick, who would've thought these two would get married after a whirlwind romance? Besides Nick being ten years younger than Mariah, the pair have survived their first year of marriage and seem to be totally in love. Not only are they man and wife they work together too.....Nick has directed a few of Mariah's music videos. A couple that works together stays together? We'll see.....

6. Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush
The star of the New Orleans Saints, Reggie Bush and reality TV vixen Kim Kardashian are one of the hottest celebrity couples. The camera loves these two just as much as they seem to love each other, even though Reggie is the shy guy and Kim loves the attention. After breaking up for a few weeks last year, the hot couple got back together, and marriage has been rumoured to be on he cards after three years being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Read on to find out which celeb couple got the top spot

5. Will Smith & Jada Pinket-Smith

One of the highest paid actors in the world, Will Smith, met his wife Jada, in the days of the American comedy sitcom, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, which starred Will Smith as the main character, in 1990, when Jada auditioned to be his on-screen love interest. Fast forward to December 1997 and the acting pair got married, and have since had two children together. Jada has said in the past that "divorce is not an option", so we expect these two to be together forever.

4. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

After a messy start to their relationship, (it was said Angelina was the cause of the break up of Brad and Jennifer Aniston's marriage), Brangelina, as they have been coined, have become one the of the most loved celebrity couples. They both have busy schedules as actors, parents to six children, not to mention all the charity work they are committed to, but this is what we love about them.

3. David & Victoria Beckham

Golden balls Becks and Posh Spice are one of the world's most famous couples. They've been together for 12 years now, and been married for ten years, and have gone through a lot of publicised ups and downs, but they've managed to stick together and create a beautiful family and brand that will see them as icons forever.

2. Jay-Z & Beyonce
One of the best entertainers of all time x one of the greatest rappers of all time = a power couple. Beyonce and Jay-Z have been together for eight years and have been married for just over a year. They have both kept their relationship under raps by keeping it out of the public eye. You'll hardly see them holding hands or even pictured together, but we still love them. We're just waiting on the mini Jay's and Bey's!

1. Barack & Michelle Obama

No words are needed as to why they have nabbed the top spot.........

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