Tuesday, 9 February 2010

NEWS: Usher's Album Pushed Back Again

Usher's forthcoming album, 'Raymond v Raymond', which was meant to be released this Sunday, has been pushed back again...this time to March 30th. Why? Because Usher's record label, Jive Records, will not allow the album to be released until he gets news management.

Usher's mother, Jonetta Patton, was Usher's manager but she resigned late last year reportedly because Usher's current girlfriend, ex-Def Jam music executive Grace Miguel, was too involved in Usher's career and his mother didn't want to cause conflict. We have all seen the result of conflict between Usher, his mother and partner....

Usher has since been managing himself with Grace's help, but now Jive are insisting that he get's new management.

Okay, Grace was a music executive, she knows what she's talking about. But the last time Usher mixed business with pleasure look a what the outcome was - a divorce to his stylist Tameka Foster. I would hate for him to make the same mistake twice!

Source: Digital Spy

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