Thursday, 18 February 2010

NEWS: 'No Whites' Race Row Over Jay-Z's Post BRITs Party

On Tuesday night after the BRITs, I did a spot of club hopping for two of the BRITs after parties; Warner Bros and a party that was put on for Jay-Z at Merah.

The party for Jay-Z at Merah has now sparked a race row after it is alleged that 'no whites' were allowed to party with the rapper.

Taken from The Metro.....

The rapper was celebrating his win for Best International Male at London's Merah nightclub but many guests were unable to join him in the VIP area after heavy-handed bouncers allegedly refused to let in white people.

Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon, 31, and JLS' Oritse Williams, 23, stormed out of the bash over the bizarre ban.

Dixon told The Daily Star: “My friends have been getting knocked about and no-one seems to care."
She is reported to have said she needed to get out of the club and that she'd rather be at her local kebab than back inside with "all that aggro."
“What a horrible end to the night. I was having a blast at my record label party and now the mood is soured. I wish I’d never come,” she is reported as saying.
Jay-Z, 36, reportedly had no idea what was happening and partied the night away at a custom-built table in a private corner of the bar.

Celeb revellers who were allowed in included Alexandra Burke, 21, ex-Spice Girl Mel B, 34, and R&B singer Ne-Yo, 30.
JLS’s Oritsé said: “This place is doing my head in so I need to get in my car and go home."
“I’ve had enough of everyone getting in our faces, the vibe is not cool.”

A spokesman for Jay-Z told the paper that the rapper had nothing to do with the security, while the venue's bosses claimed guests were unable to get into the exclusive bash purely because of "numbers".

As an attendee of the party, I believe this story to be full of rubbish. The club was ram packed and entry was allowed to only to those who were invited or given the 'OK' by club management. Alesha Dixon came in after I did with her friends, and everybody was getting pushed about, not just her friends as the Daily Star is making out. I also don't believe Oritse's quote has anything to do with this alleged ban of 'white people'.....the VVIP area, where the celebs were was super packed as loads of people stood on the other side of the velvet rope trying to find a way in.

It seems the Metro has failed to mention that Daniel Merriweather and The Sugababes were also in attendance, and have only listed black celebrities as in attendance, which is not true! It's very unlikely that Jay-Z would make such a demand.......the table next to him was 'bought' by a group of Caucasians, and I spotted many 'white people' dancing the night away. If there was a ban, how did they get in?

I believe this story was sold by an unhappy party-goer who was not allowed entry into the club, like many others. Loads of people are not let into clubs on a daily basis. Is there any need for this to be classed as a race row? 


  1. I was meant to go to this party, but I didnt as I knew exactly how it would turn out- like so many of these 'celebrity parties' do, with a whole heap of pushing and shoving and everyone trying to get pictures on their phones of 'artists'. The whole vibe of the West End has gone down the toilet in the past 5yrs due to all this crap & hype and what is suffering is clubland. People do not know how to enjoy themselves anymore unless there is someone involved who has been pictured in Heat Magazine...I have personally DJ'd for most of the biggest artists in the world and I choose not to go and be a part of all the bullshit. I wanna go out and have fun not be pushed around by crazed people trying to brush a shoulder with Jay Z or tarquin out of the 1st series of Britains Got Talent..Its All LONG. The sooner we get over this crap the spooner clubs will get back to having a vibe and wicked music.

  2. Nikki you're right! The whole vibe of the West End has gone down due to hype. I think the use of race in this situation was not needed - not gaining entry to a club is a standard thing these days, especially when there's a celebrity inside, regardless of colour. But as it was Jay-Z's party they had to make a story out of it

  3. I was also at the party and there was no race issue, I am white and got into the VIP area without any problem, however because the area was so jam packed with people it was very uncomfortable and overcrowded so i left after 5 mins, Alesha Dixon was complaining about the way the bouncers were treating everybody and any fault must lie with the terrible security at the club. The writer of the story was a journalist who seems pissed that she wasnt able to get into the VIP area


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