Saturday, 13 February 2010

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Dru Hill - 'Love MD'

Nokio, Jazz, newest member Tao and frontman Sisqo have reformed as Dru Hill after eight year. Dru Hill are back under a new record label, Kedar Entertainment/Dragon Music Group, with their new single, 'Love MD', which is the first track to be taken off of their forthcoming album, 'InDRUpendance Day', which will be released April 13th 2010.

The guys also have a reality TV show in the mix also called Sweat's Platinum House, which is produced by label mate, Keith Sweat. Both Sisqo and Nokio also have solo projects coming out too.

Sisqo's stint in the Celebrity Big Brother in the UK will now provide international visibility for Dru Hill and himself....which is a good thing I guess.

So now Dru Hill and Jagged Edge are making a comeback in 2010. Who's next to announce their comeback this year? Tila Tequila claims B2K will make a comeback this year too. Are RnB male groups going to be the 'in' thing again?

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