Friday, 19 February 2010

Concert Review: Jay Electronica @ the Jazz Cafe

New Orleans' rapper, Jay Electronica graced the stage of Camden's Jazz Cafe last night, for what was his second show in the UK and judging by the crowds warm and much anticipated welcome, it won't be his last. Without a hint of nerves, the Jazz Cafe first timer, took to the Londoners like a duck to water, much to the approval of the already, hyped attendees.

One of the UK's home grown talents, Sway, kick started the night with a luncheon of fresh materials due to appear on his new mixtape 'The Delivery' as well as journeying through some of his 'oldies but goodies', such as 'Little Derrek', reminding us of how far the self proclaimed "Best UK rapper" has most definitely come.

After getting the crowd warmed up, it wasn't long until the effortlessly regal presence of Jay Electronica filled the room with sheer excitement, gradually elevating the audience to an hysteria of great magnitude , as he made his way to the stage.

With every ounce the crowd pleaser, the very charismatic rapper proceeded to charter through tracks such as 'My world' and 'Extra extra', anthems in their own right amongst the niche Hip hop followers. However; it wasn't unitil he performed 'Exhibit A (Transformations) and 'Exhibit C, that the crowd truly became amped.

Jay Electronica is yet to release an album, but with such a magnetic performance and an already strong following ,(the 3,200 Blackberry messenger contacts on his phone, is living proof of this) last night was just the beginning of great things to come.


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