Wednesday, 6 October 2010

VIDEO: X-Factor's Anastasia Baker Speaks Out About Cheryl Cole, Cher Lloyd & Katie Waissel

"She's trying to copy Cheryl but in her own cheap way!" - Anastasia Baker on Cher Lloyd

It seems that Gamu's axing from X-Factor, and Cheryl picking Cher and Katie as two of her top three acts has angered many, including now ex-contestants of the X-Factor.

After being so close to being picked for X-Factor's final three by Cheryl (again), ex-X Factor hopeful Anastasia Baker has spoken out to The Sun about her true feelings about the show, Cheryl Cole, Katie Waisell and Cher Lloyd.

Anastasia does tell the truth, but should she have been so quick to vent her feelings on the matter? I mean this could play a part in her downfall in trying to become a signed artist.

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  1. X-factor is over now and Cher and Annastasia has moved on so go get a job and leave the girls alone. Have any of you been in Annastasia shoes you would have done the same if not worst.


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