Thursday, 21 October 2010

NEWS: Diddy Speaks About Nicki Minaj Firing Him As Her Manager [AUDIO]

So a press release was circulated over the past days with a quote from Nicki Minaj that she had fired Diddy as her manager - most people didn't even know Diddy was managing her.

Diddy hit up Hot97's Funkmaster Flex to discuss this rumour as well as his upcoming album 'Last Train To Paris' and 'Bugatti Boys'. Have a listen to the interview in the player above.

According to your boy Diddy, he is still working with Nicki and they've never had an official bound contract that he is her manager - he just helps her out in any way that he can.

Hmmmm....Nicki took to Twitter to say she doesn't know Benny Medina, implying that he couldn't be her new manager, but she didn't deny or try to deny that she fired Diddy...........

Thanks JumpOff

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