Wednesday, 13 October 2010

NEWS: Lady Gaga Is Challenged To Be 'Real' In A $1m Singing Battle

Lady Gaga has been challenged to stop being a 'plastic doll' and to be 'real' in a $1m televised singing battle by a singer by the name of Alisa Apps, from LA.

"I feel sorry for Lady GaGa - she's just a plastic doll generated by the music money marketing machine,"  said Apps.
"I stand for the voice of your heart. Be real with me. Come to my world and feel. I want to hear you and for you to hear me. This contest gives people a chance to choose which they prefer - plastic or real." 

Apps is just trying to make a name for herself here as she's a new artist.
Of course the Pop diva has not responded to the challenge, doubt she ever will.

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